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7/19/2009 c1 8LostInMe
Ridiculous? How can you say that? I'm not laughing at you. I've read many 'mask' poems, but yours struck me as much more original than most of them. It's the ending that did it. I love the way the speaker seems at first to be speaking about someone else, but then you find out the observer and the pretender are in fact one and the same. (That WAS what you meant with the glass, right? I hope I didn't get that wrong!)
7/18/2009 c1 45deefective
It is not ridiculous. It's actually rather well written.

I liked the way you conveyed your message. The writing was clear and the flow was smooth. I especially liked the ending part. I dunno, it just seemed to fit your piece and it had the feel of an "ending", if that makes any sense. Nicely done.
7/18/2009 c1 22lipleaf
I like the subject of the poem you have here. You said it was about flaws, but I feel it was more about a 'pretender'. Every line stuck to the topic well and contributed to the image of a twisted person that the reader imagines. I like the way you express the idea of a mask in the first few lines without using the actual word. It helps the imagery along nicely.

The idea that the person the speaker if referring to has no real emotions or feelings is well-conveyed through this poem and helps the reader get a sense of how hollow the person really is. I particularly like the third line.
7/18/2009 c1 26Mirabella
Very profound, and well written. :)

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