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1/27/2010 c16 boring
1/25/2010 c12 anonymous
oh my god. its a complete copy of the MV for you belong with me! cmon reallY?
1/25/2010 c11 anonymous
im sorry but its too draggy
1/24/2010 c8 anonymous
so sappy! this is o never gonna happen! it should be atleast a little more realistic! c'mon!
1/23/2010 c7 anonymous
eh its starting to get more about vi and damien then lucus and kate :(
1/20/2010 c3 anonymous
aw! im soo sad!
1/20/2010 c2 anonymous
i am so confuzzled!
12/23/2009 c29 7Writing Reality
Hm.. pretty good story! :)

liked the taylor swift song/story line. :)

little confusing at times, but really good all the same. :D


Padmai -Hidden Assassin-
12/20/2009 c28 EmmyB
Amazingly good story for a typical sitution! it was pure genious!
12/20/2009 c29 Kimberly Beckwith
OMG I loved it there finally happy in love and together! I wonder what the baby was!Hm? lol But wow i really love this story hope you write The Squeal soon!
12/19/2009 c29 Hemii25
*Sigh* so romantic.

You finished this the day after new moon premeired haha. IL this storeh!
12/19/2009 c28 Hemii25
Taylor Swift is getting annoying ya know. Haha. All her songs are about the same thing. I'm revieing because I realized I never reviewed your last two chapters. i've already read ch 29. i'm going to review it now.
12/19/2009 c4 EmmyB
I love it! :)
12/3/2009 c18 1pinkie509
I am going back through to find the chapter I got confused in... I know it was one where the time frames overlapped. also I wanted to add u to my author alerts
12/1/2009 c29 thispresentdarkness
hey, i changed my name again, to SydDaStrange. so, if you wanna read my story, reach me on SydDaStrange. I still need to edit that chapter. it says "by thispresentdarkness." grr. I loved this story, and i wuz wit ya from da beginning!

-I Heart this story-
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