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for Gin and tonic

10/21/2011 c10 23Zaff18
This story is so amazing! I really hope you write more, PLEASE DO! :)
9/12/2009 c9 2tifftiffannie
thanks for the update. more damon!
9/2/2009 c8 tifftiffannie
really good ;D and like what other people said i don't understand why you have so little reviews. i like how nice Aric was about the whole confession thing. i really can't wait for more :)
9/1/2009 c8 CoryD
Very interesting story so far
9/1/2009 c8 1obsessivity
this is soo fucking awesome!

i love the whole story; shit i don't get why it doesn't have like 300+ reviews..

mann don't get discouraged and PLEASE updatee!

i know how important reviews are and how happy i would be to get themm so i hope that you know i'll be keeping an eye on this story and encouraging you from now on..

this story's amazingg!

Aric's so ughh! lol write more scenes like that ;D

and aw i miss Damonn ):

LOL i love this!
8/14/2009 c5 2tundra101
this is interesting. i'll add it to story alert

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