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8/22/2012 c7 Tiffany Lindley
Very interesting story, I like it! Hopefully there's more of it to be written!
1/10/2011 c7 britnit
Hmm...not what I expected to happen, which is a good thing, btw.
1/10/2011 c6 britnit
I just discovered this story, and I quite like it. I crack up at every name Phil comes up with for Alex, too funny. So, I'm thinking Craig = Luke, which I'm hoping for. I mean, Craig's always gone when Luke pops up, and he's being very suspicious in general. Can't wait to see what happens next!
12/8/2010 c7 5Disney Is Hardcore
i'm trying to see where this story is going and i actually can't see it, for once. this is good.
12/7/2010 c7 roses blooming
Ah! Just when I thought I had it all figured out... you sly thing, you. Looking forward to reading the next part!
11/26/2010 c7 Cheondoong
If I could marry literature, I would marry yours. Whether it wants to or not. :|

I was honestly not expecting all of this. Now, I'm confuzzled. In a good way.
11/20/2010 c7 3D.H. L'Orange
uh it just stopped. how could it just stop like this? what happens with luke!
10/31/2010 c7 1218
Ohman! I suspected that Luke was actually Craig as well...and then I read this chapter. I love how I don't know what's going on anymore...is that weird of me? LOL.
8/20/2010 c7 4Fantasy101
Loving it! I hope you update soon^^
8/12/2010 c7 CiraArana
Oh, oh, looks like thre's a pretty tangle developing! Craig isn't Luke - but something's dodgy about the whole thing still. The tissue thing, Craig being flirty with Luke, Craig going to the library? Luke's weird story about his "crush" and that last comment? Does Craig know Luke? Is he coaching him to win Phil? What's going on?

Ack, I don't know what I should be wanting and looking forward to. I love "being in love with my best mate who's straight" stories, but I'd also love to see Phil find his own cat boy with Luke. ACK!

You know, I love all of your stories, and both your personae are on writer alert, but I really, really need an update on this story soon. Ish. Like, um, Sunday? If you can't make it tomorrow, that is. :D
7/23/2010 c7 RitaHouston
aww how is he gon fix it , you had me going i even started to think it was Craig , i cant wait fo next chapter
7/8/2010 c7 6letyoursoultakeflight
I love and hate you for this! Love you for the update and the fantstic writing and twists! And hate that there aren't fifty more brilliant chapters following! =]
6/26/2010 c6 1Handsome Devil
I never guessed that Craig was Luke. It just never came to mind. But I did wonder about Craig. I, too, like Phil, wondered what was up with his odd behaviour. Maybe it was his odd way of coming out of the closet. Maybe he's just crazy. Who knows? All I know is that Craig does not make sense. Phil makes complete sense, he's lonely, pissed off, and confused. But Craig... I can't classify him. At least we now know Luke is classifiable but Craig is just so damn confusing!

I'm almost pulling my hair out here, so I'd love it if you would update.
6/26/2010 c7 Handsome Devil
Wow. Well that wasn't smooth at all. Maybe he really did want him to be Craig. And Luke despite proving himself, something's still off about him. I don't know what's going on. You're very good at this unpredictable thing because this entire thing has been VERY unpredictable.

Also, I've only just found out you're also Zebbie! Haha! I used to read Nerves. I've no idea why I stopped... I'm sure I'll get back into it soon but I did. It's funny how you separate accounts based on separate writing styles. I do the same. I have a separate account for my non-slash. Ha. I don't link them though. :P

Anyway, here is, yet another, great story. Please update soon.
6/25/2010 c7 7Sunshine Bear
I love how Luke was all, "Well he doesn't love you anyway."

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