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6/13/2006 c2 Mairin Barney
How did you come up with your character's name, "Mairin"? As you can see, that is also my name. I like your story so far, but I'm still reading.
11/5/2002 c1 Ella Afleck
Well roar, if you're not going to respond to my email, i must harass you here. The SQW girls wanna play with AFD, so can you send us plot nonsense? Please? ... I get the feeling you totally abandoned us. You've abandoned everyone, I'm sure Carl and Joel and Brenna and everyone are very mad at you off in fiction land, ending with a gun shot like that. I mean, please. Can you just email me back? Or Mira if you hate me now? Whatever, bye.
1/29/2002 c11 mira
hey natasha. hope u check ur reviews. need to talk to u about stuff. please e-mail me. and a chapter 12 would be nice, too. but that might be askin to much...
1/17/2002 c11 45Mainecoon
"Open the pod bay door please, HAL..."

Have you ever seen "2001: A Space Odyssey"? You should. It's entirely too long and makes no sense whatsoever. The sequel is the same way, only with less classical music and more giant black monoliths eating Jupiter. Yes, these are some Very Weird Movies. Anyhoo...

You're right: French kissing is gross. You should have seen the looks I got from the other Seniors when I told them that! **falls over laughing** You'd have thought I'd just sprouted wings and started doing the hula! It was hilarious!

Great story so far. The Gomes sound really, really gross. I love it. Good job with the description-being-part-of-the-story thing... It worked bery well.
1/17/2002 c10 Mainecoon
Woah, I guessed the ocarina thing right! This is getting freaky now. First you have your main ruler guy with a twin sister, then the ocarina thing... Maybe I DO have telepathy. Wacko. :-P

Anyhoo, spiffing chapter. Part of your ending author-note... er... ceased to exist at some point. The Gome speach is nifty. Yep, I still like Darre.
1/17/2002 c9 Mainecoon
Actually, I think this chapter was a fine length. I suspect that the only reason it seemed longer is because there's a lot more dialogue, which takes up a lot more space because of the skipped lines... The last chapter struck me as being quite a bit longer than this one.

I want their powers! Those are probably the toppermost coolies things in the story yet, especially the telepathy. Feather on (as opposed to the more well-known "rock on"). ;-)
1/17/2002 c8 Mainecoon
Okay, so... the ship basically looks like your ocarina with green-beans stuck into it? Got it. ;-) Ooh, telepathy is COOL. I want telepathy! Oh, wait... no, I don't actually... I tried it once. Not by my own choice, of course. It was REALLY IRRITATING. I kept getting these weird mood swings and getting all depressed and my brain wouldn't focus and I couldn't see properly... erm... it's sort of a longish story. :-P Good luck with French, by the way. Hey, what happened to Brenna? Right, gonna keep reading now... over and out!
1/17/2002 c7 Mainecoon
"Any time spent in this dimension will be refunded." **Mainecoon grins** I *like* that! Oh, I can just hear that alarm going off... it sounds exactly like the bell when you stand just to the right of the door into room 113. Oy, what a cause for headaches!
1/15/2002 c6 Mainecoon
"Factor K?" **insert musical note of impending doom** Oooh... spooksters... Unfortunately, I don't get to find out what that IS yet! **grrr** 'Tis late, my liege, and I must away, for the dawn shall herald the coming of the dreaded **insert note of impending doom** Mrs. Choi and the Great Test of the Incompetant Biology Student! **doom, doom, doom, doom...* Woah, is it just me, or does it sound like the chem lab in here? That, or Moria... **doom, doom, doom...** Definitely Moria. Anyhoo, Labon amuses me immensely. Yes, I still like Darre. No, I have yet to type his name correctly the first time yet. Every time, I have to backspace and re-type it. Why? I do not know. Darwin liked finches, and Beadle was the bearer of the One Gene. **zonk** Right. Sleep. Tests tomorrow. Midterms. Whoopity-toast. **arrrgggh...**
1/15/2002 c5 Mainecoon
Spiffing... oh, this is weird, though - great minds must think alike, because my pet ruler has a twin sister, too... Remember Alexander, Prince/King of Brunswick? Well, his twin sister is DEAD... but that's never seemed to be an issue for them... twins, you know... weird people... I should know, I used to have one... well, before I was born, anyway... erm... that probably made no sense, did it? Just be glad there aren't two of me running amuck. Yet. ;-) I still like Darre. So much for my theory about him being evil. Oh well. Blinkin' Gomes and all... I love their outfits. THAT is cool. I want colour-changy tunics! I wonder what they'd do if someone with dyed hair put them on? Would they turn the colour of the person's real hair, or the colour of the dye? **ponders** Oh dear, my head is going to explode. **scuttles off to read the next chapter**
1/15/2002 c4 Mainecoon
Ooh, that rocked! Zapping thingees and wacky glowy spheres... Hey, how big is that thing supposed to be, anyway? I was thinking basketball size, but if they can all lay their hands flat on it... hmm... Anyhoo, groovilicious chapter. Truely wonking. Carry on...
1/15/2002 c3 Mainecoon
I'd have asked if there was time to pack before zoinking off with Darren & Co... but nevertheless. :-P Gomes, eh? That can't be good.

I like how you write your characters... good insights... the scene changes seem slightly abrupt, though.
1/15/2002 c2 Mainecoon
Is Darre *really* as sincere as he seems? I always become skeptical when a character comments on the sincerity/truthfulness/honor/whatever of another... especially one of the opposite sex, but I may simply be conditioned to the way my friend Schnarnce writes. You can generally tell her villains by the way she writes them. I'm not as accustomed to your writing yet...

Anyway, whether he's a villain or not, I kinda like him. The Blue Falcon thing you've got going on is groovy... So what are they, aliens or something? Coolies...
1/15/2002 c1 Mainecoon
We like seperation dots, don't we? ;-) I am intrigued. Chapter 1: verra coolies.
1/12/2002 c11 Riisha
ugh. i knew i should've checked my other e-mail address ... but i'm trying to kill it.

anyway, here goes. I think i like Carl's powers. and i'm starting to like Carl more and more. i used to not like him because he was such a butthead. Though this Carl-Darre rivalry is starting to scare me .. Those Gomes sound really disgusting, but i hope i can get an actual image i can work on. i can't quite imagine it yet.

i love cliffies too ... unless they're used against me ... ^.^ don't take too long with that next chapter... okay?
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