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12/29/2001 c11 Mira
wow. poor carl, i still feel really bad for him. we finally got to meet the bad guys! for the most part, i usually like the bad guys better, but theres not enough up with them in it yet.
12/28/2001 c11 2Ella Afleck
Oh Brenna, Brenna, Brenna, will you ever learn? She really shouldn't insult the Gomes , they'll only try to kill her. But wait, the plot of the next chapter! Horrah for Brenna, creating a plot (we need one of those over on the SQW front). I'm working on it, i'll try to get it up soon! WE LOVE YOU CARL! No doubt, Carl is great. I feel bad for him though. He needs a fan club like Zelfer... wait, you didn't get that far yet. Must go type! AHHHHH! If french kisses gross you out, how can you read our stuff? Sorry, just something i was pondering. Bye. ::runs off::
11/27/2001 c10 Riisha behind her teacher's back
And here i am reading fics under my teacher's nose in our computer lab ... sigh ... at least it's not like my friends two computers down, who are looking at a picture of Oliver Wood from the Harry Potter movie (He IS kind of cute though ... WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING?) anyway, YEY! finally! after half of forever (copyrighted by tasha b.) you have a chapter up! it was fun and i want to see more! (did you mention sap coming up =P, can't wait!) I like carl, did you know that? and darre/jake (i love the name jake, don't know why ...) i'm blabbering ... aren't i? well, jalam! in hopes that you have no more block! ^.^ is that offensive? if it is, i'm sorry, din't mean any offense ... OK! i'm shutting my trap!
11/26/2001 c10 Mira
aw, poor carl! i think hes my favorite. reminds me of to many of my guy friends (stupid sam and tom...and mike...and dave...never mind). you know what would be funny? if neither carl OR darre wound up with brenna in the end. like some one who's not even mentioned yet winds up with her. that would be funny. but thats just me. i laughed through the big dramatic death scene in romeo and juliet. it was funny. great chapter. its always the ventalation shaft. everytime, the stupid ventalation shaft...
11/25/2001 c10 Ella
Carl goes insane! AH! RUN FOR IT! He's no longer like noah, got to get off the comp now, bye! great job!
11/4/2001 c10 Natasha Browning yep me again
*grr* stupid site, it's never up... oh, hi, everyone! Y'know, it warms my heart to look at my fic and see |Reviews: 70| on a bad day. I know you're all gonna come after me if you can get my address, but the next chp is not quite ready... it's so discouraging to try and write with no site to post at! Thank God it's up again. Kudos to tech support. ;-) Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, just stick 'em in a review. I don't bite. Cheerio! -Tasha
9/30/2001 c9 6Aurora Dragon
adding this to my favorites
9/30/2001 c10 Aurora Dragon
Hehehe... cool story. Write More Pleeze!
9/30/2001 c8 Aurora Dragon
HAHAHA! I believe all stories should have a hacker in it, and this one does. Hackers rule! I mean... uh... hackers are cool. I'm enjoying reading this story. Nice way for me to get my mind off the fact that MY computer is dying and i can't work on my website or any of my fun projects. Well good story, I'm gonna read some more now! ^_^ ~Mercury
9/29/2001 c3 Aurora Dragon Mercury
Thus far this is good... Unfortunatly I'm too tired right now to read the rest... good job
9/2/2001 c10 The SQW authors all 3 of us
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA! (though we're a bit late, oh well) happy 14 and WRITE CHAPTER 11!
8/23/2001 c10 7PA the Pyro
No, i liked it. it was kewl! but the only powers brenna has is becoming a kanor (can't spell that) so how will she be safe? unless Darre protects her... *lights flash on* do i sense a possiblilty of fluff here? hehehe, yeah, well i'm glad you got another chapter out. with ff.net down and stuff i was really looking forward to reading it. lol, ya're prolly tired of my reivews, but oh well. good job! can we have more brenna/darre fluff please? hehe, and joel, mairin? pwease? ne how, get going on the battle scene! hehe, great job!
8/21/2001 c10 Ella Afleck
Nice job, even if it is long, oh well, it was interesting. I still thing that Carl is turning into Noah. YOU NEED TO POST CHAPTER ELEVEN SOON (that and pray that ff.net stays up). I'm sorry that SQW hasn't been posted lately, but i was on vacation again and i'm very far behind. Again, great job!
8/11/2001 c10 Mira McGrath
no, this chapter is good. but you need to HURRY up and put then next one up. then everyone will be happy and no one will care. okay, i think i'm done for now. AHH! going crazy, no book to write in, ella has it... i think i'll shut up now...

8/9/2001 c10 Riisha
Hey! I think it was just fine! long but fine ... ^.^ thanks for the explains and it was kinda funny, too. ehehehee ... gotta go! i'm still reading other fics!
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