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8/2/2001 c10 14Aislin
HI! Yay, I finally got around to reading this chapter, sorry it took so long. well, I thought it was quite nice, I didn't think it was too long, actually, I usually complain that chapters are too short. It could have used a little more description tho, I couldn't really picture what was going on. I didn't mind all the dialogue, I like lots of dialogue. Well, anyway, it was a nice chapter, explanation chapters are good. Ok, I must go try to read other stories, stupid broke ffn. well, write more of this, i wanna see what happens!
7/27/2001 c10 Raye Crystal Mountain
Oooh, Natasha, you've reallg got me! You KNOW I always love the villains more than I should and you're just going to go break my poah widdle heeeart by killing of Tfr in the vewwy neah future! I really should learn to like heroes... Well, I'm off to a good start 'cause I really LOVE yours. You've got Brenna, who's my favorite out of the girls, and Mairin who's become a gold-plated certified giggler (s'okay, I think it's good) and Joel who's love with Mairin, and Carl who really is short-sheated, if you know what I mean, and you've got Darre who's my favorite...I'm not sure why, don't ask someone who's in love with Sephiroth to explain why she likes the Zoyl best... Anyway, this is really shaping up better than I thought it would. I mean, I really, really REALLY was thinking "school story" back there and..."What do I have posssibly left to write" you ask? Well girlie girl-THIS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ASKING MEEEEEEEEEEEE TO REVEIIIIWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Later!
7/13/2001 c1 Sim
what a cra*py story, oh, it's you, the fat rancor's rectum, this is what i call weird and pathetic, you stupid 13 year-old reatrd, go and grow some tits!
7/12/2001 c9 Secret Admirer
So, the brutish Gomes have resorted to psychological warfare. A most unexpected twist! I wonder whether they have done any hypnotic programming or mind alteration in addition to the obvious but presumably superficial emotional impact of what they showed Brenna. Only you can tell us, Natsha. Please post chapter 10 soon.
7/11/2001 c9 12Sabina Closet Weirdo
Oh boy... this is GOOD... this is VERY GOOD! Inconsistencies? HMmmm... I dunno... I'll think about it and get back to you or something. All I can say right now is WOW... how long have you been working on this? *impressed whistle dealy*
7/3/2001 c1 Innovations
Guess who? ^_^ Hesso there! Inno here! (aka Innosence, I changed my pen name *winks*) A litle itty, bitty upy datey thingy, I'm workin on the mst! Really! And polter sitll hasn't worked on her fics...*growls* I'm here to upload her new fic (as of last month) So...Jus checkin in! Laterz...
7/1/2001 c9 Mira McGrath
Oh my god! what happened to Brenna?(loose end #1.) Poor carl, noboby appreciates him. Just like poor Noah. They should start a club. You MUST write more. its not cool to leave readers in suspense for that long. If you write more, i'll write more in before the beginning! ( oh look, i'm using bribery now) please write more!
6/30/2001 c9 Natasha Browning
I'm mean... Katra can't review this now... but that's okay, since her reviews tend to be NASTY! ...anyway, I can't believe no one's noticed any inconsistancies! Well, I'm trying to find some... um... well, expect me to bring up some loose ends in the next few chapters (hope you guys remember Jill... Brenna's sister? Sheesh) because there's a REASON I left some things unsettled... well, I'm not sure what I mean by that, so don't go reviewing the chapters in search of those things! Okay, until I get chapter 10 up (I'm working on it, okay? Don't shoot me!) hang in there!
6/29/2001 c9 14Admiral
Great story! I didn't notice any inconsistencies but if there are any you make up for it with attention to detail (how many other people out there know that asteroids tend to look like potatoes?). Don't rush on the next chapter. Always keep your audience guessing. Good work!
6/29/2001 c9 Poltergeist
This is too cool. U R A fabulous riter...um...writer.


6/27/2001 c9 14Aislin
Oh, I won't touch your house (I don't really know where it is.) But, well, let's see, what can I do to you? Hmmmm, I'll think of something. Ok, I like CArl! He's awesome! I know soooo many guys like that! hehe. And, the whole telepathy thing, very cool. Okay, so I would complain about inconsistencies, since you asled, but i'm not a very observant reader and I rarely notice inconsistencies, so sorry. But, yes, take your sweet time on the next chapter, as long as it's as good as this one. Yes, I am a redwall fan! I'm just having trouble remembering who Tan Loc is. I think you said in one of your author notes, but I forgot. Yeah, I'll just have to go back and read it won't I? You know, when I'm hyper I get really side tracked. I mean seriously, I've talked about Winnie the Pooh, and run-on sentences and yearbooks, and who knows what else. I just start talking and I can't stop and my fingers keep flying across the kepboard and you end up with a nice long review, but that's ok because long reviews are nice to read and I'm sure you're probably thinking "What the hell is this girl on!" Okay, so what am I supposed to be talking about? Oh yes, the story. Well, I love it! You are so creative, coming up with all these names and different things the kaenors use and what they know and what they don't know. and all that fun stuff. I seriously know how hard it is, and I think you do an amazing job of it. Okay, I must stop talking now. Post more! But, make sure it is good, don't just pull something out of your ass and post it cuz you get lazy, Trust me, I've done it, not good. People get mad, and you have tons of typos and inconsistencies, and it just isn't a pretty picture. Okay, I'm seriously done now, bye!
6/27/2001 c9 Ella A
nice job, even though i was hurrying to read it. YOU BETTER PUT UP CHAPTER TEN FASTER! I'll try to get up the next SQW ASAP, bye and great job!
6/27/2001 c1 Flea Man Marbles
Wow, that was awesome. You have to continue writing it. You write very well.

-Flea Man Marbles
6/27/2001 c9 7PA the Pyro
WOW! I liked it! It was soo kool. I actually guessed from the beginning that carl liked brenna. but too bad, brenna is in love with darre. i really want to know what brenna saw, and i want to see the others use their powers too. Please? Ne ways, whatever you do, i'm sure it will be great!
6/25/2001 c8 Kaesa Aurelia Secunda
I really like this story, you do the cutoff points very well. And thank you for spelling things right! I *hate* reading stuff that looks like it was written by kindergarteners, which is a lot of fics these days. Oh, and my vote for next chapter is definitely hand-to-hand combat, it's waaay more fun. Then maybe if they have a really good victory they can blow up the ship, 'cause that's fun too. Good luck!

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