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6/23/2001 c8 Secret Admirer
Well, this is not a tough choice regarding the next chapter. I'm not ready to think about what Gomes look like just yet. So make it a starship attack this time. Maybe later I'll be ready to imaging those ugly, evil creatures...
6/23/2001 c8 Riisha
HI! Remember me? the crazy author of the story that you've been reviewing? Well ... to be honest i've been quite jealous of how many reviews you have. it's double mine and i have more chapters! so, i decided to finally read the story and see for myself why people loved it ... and I LOVED IT! it's cool and funny and i actually don't understand 11 year olds in deep love but, hte romance fits a bit nicely ... i think ... anyway ... im looking forward to another chapter! (and by the way ... sorry for the delay in my own chapters ... bye!)
6/21/2001 c1 Innosence who is for some strange reason is way too lazy too sign in.Batpig Wonder why.Inno
Ok "Natasha", you asked for it, I will be HAPPY to make complete fun of your fic...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA-*pants*-HAHAHAHA!

Batpig: ... Inno: Oh, meet my sidekick, batpig. Batpig: *waves* Inno: I was just about to post Polter's takari fic

"You and me." I'm her editor! *gushes* And SHE'S the one who hasn't written any more ficcys. So don't blame me...*sulks* Well, Laterz! And you will see it soon...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackles evily* Batpig: ...
6/13/2001 c8 Raye Crystal Mountain
Natasha, mon ami- The mists of time will coil into serpants, the skies will be streaked with blood, the fires of hell will burst from underworld and consume the earth if you don't finnish this! Y'know, I've really got to get my own account so I can read this baby at MY OWN HOUSE AT MY LEISURE FOR ONCE! I'm sorry, shouldn't have shouted/ Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I've gotten pretty wordy, haven't I? Well, this is what you get for dragging me away from my OWN stories. I was happy to tell you want "kupo" means, being such @###* FF nut. So I guess I'll stop monopolizing your computer. Oh yeah, I still have to reveiw! Sublime. Your writing, characterization, plot and technical terms are excellent. So, remember what I said about the mists of time and keep writing, goil!
6/9/2001 c8 7PA the Pyro
I don't care if i have to review it everyday so you'll be happy, i DEMAND that you post your other chapter. Will Brenna become a Kaenan? And what will happen with her luv towards Darre (is that his name? I'm really bad with names) We'll ne how, keep up the good work, and post that other chapter fast. I'm dying to see what happens during the gnome attack!
6/9/2001 c8 Mira McGrath
Deffinately hand-to-hand. that could hold a lot more interesting details than a starship fight. Trust me. i'n like, the queen of sci-fi fight seens, and though starship battles look cool, they r a hell of a lot harder to right.
6/9/2001 c8 sos
ok... i am soooo sorry, wash my mouth out with doap, bold me, bold! Give my appologies to the girly, I had no idea... but thats no excuse for me. Sorry i couldn't get in touch any other way either (you could of used my e-mail ya know btw) thanks for reviewing and stuff, i like this story! keep it up! sos
6/7/2001 c8 14Admiral
Cute story so far, and i vote for starships since ship battles are my hobby.
6/7/2001 c8 14Aislin
Yes, I am the Aislin who's stories you have been reviewing. I vote for starship battle now with some hand-to-hand combat in a later chapter, cause both sound really cool but the characters don't really know how to use their powers yet. They should probably at least know how to use their powers before they fight the enemy with them. This chapter took you forver to write (grrrrr) but it was worth it. You said there'd be moore about the gomes in this chapter and there weren't. That's not good. I like this chapter, the romance is a good thing. In one of my stories I have so much different romance triangles going that it is starting to confuse me. Although, that isn't a very task to accomplish. I love this story and you must write more soon. Please, please please, put the next chapter up soon! I can't stand waiting forever again! It drove me insane. Oh well, write more. If you don't put up chapter nine, I will be forced to do something evil. And, maybe I'll make a sequel to The Historian told from Amanda's point of view, cause she isn't really as stupid as Chloe was.
6/7/2001 c8 Ella A
oh, i just love this story! U just HAVE to write more! (i kinda could have guess that factor K was SOMETHING like that, but that Tammela was his mother, that was good!) Woo hoo! Toonami!
5/31/2001 c7 Mira McGrath
Cool. please write more. this is getting really good. (wait, what do i mean getting good? it is good) Did u get ur ideas for those powers anywhere? oh, i added more to sqw. ( well, ella typed it, but we all wrote it.)
5/31/2001 c7 Natasha Browning yeah the author
Katramarina is going to GET IT when I get home... that's tonight, in fact! I'll be posting chapter 8 as if it were from CA, but that's because I wrote half the darn thing in San Jose... or wherever it is I am. I'm clueless... Now, nobody kill me, I'm trying to get the story up quick, but these things take time! I should be commended for working on it during VACATION! ...so, ignore Katra's review (little sneaking slanderer, I otta...grr) and don't shoot me, I'm writing as fast as I can!
5/30/2001 c7 Poltergeist who was obviously to lazy to lazy to sign on

5/29/2001 c7 2Ella Afleck
Oh! Oh! Oh! It's so good! I can't wait to know what factor K is! It's cute and...well, alot of it is exactly what SQW isn't...but that's not the point, we have our romantic moments, we just haven't put them up yet, lol. I can't wait to read more, and I promise more will be up from me and the actual story soon. Bye.
5/26/2001 c7 3Ben Free
Hi, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I like to try to review all my reviewers** Well, great story. Can't wait for chapter 8.
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