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for A Forgotten Dimension

5/25/2001 c7 7PA the Pyro
OH NO! I hate cliff hangers! What's factor K? I must know! I must! Please write more soon. This is really good. Get them out faster! I can't keep my suspense in check!
5/25/2001 c7 14Aislin
I love this story! And, don't worry about the romantic stuff. I;m such a sap, I just eat it all up. I like all the powers. What's factor k? grrrr. oh well, I can't blame you. Cliffies are just too fun.
5/25/2001 c7 Lora Hishora
Wow! What a great story! ^^ I'm obsessed w/ romance and this story had a great deal of it, although such a strong love between 11-year-olds is a bit hard to believe. :P Great detail, and I can tell that curly hair must turn you on or something. *lol*
5/24/2001 c4 4Jerry Christianson
All right, so I just finished Ch. 4 and will read more once I find more time! It's really good so far; you've held my interest, and I enjoy the story. Love ya kupo~
5/24/2001 c6 2Katramarina
Muhahahahahaha! Heheheheheheh! I loooooooooove this! Natasha went to California, so I can write anything I want! She isn't here to stop me.

Come on, Peoples! Someone complain about Romance! It's not only in her stories, but in her everyday life! IT"S PLAIN ROMANCE! She's told me and my friend who is helping me write this, (giving me ideas,) and me, she does like some boys, but we haven't figured out who yet. I read all her stories before thier posted, so I can nit pick them before anyone else. I just haaaaaaaad to tell everyone that. Soooooo, enjoy her ROMANTIC storys.

P. S. I put that real anoyin review up twice and I did at first, by accident, second, to annoy Natasha, and third, to get the message out. It wasn't a mistake, really.
5/23/2001 c7 Secret Admirer
Nice balance of intrigue, romance, and humor. I am dying to learn about Factor K! Keep those chapters coming.
5/21/2001 c6 14Aislin
i really like this story. And thanx a bunch for the character summary, it helped a lot. I like the way the tunics and jumpsuits are coordinated, very neat-o. Why do the Kaeron's speak English? I hadn't thought of that till now. Oh well, you'll probably explain when the time is right, huh? I'll try to get more of my story up soon, but it's finals week right now (ARGHHHH) and it's really all I can do to keep from exploding. Keep writing!
5/17/2001 c1 Poltergeist who was to lazy to sign on
...COOOOOOOOOOLL even when i read it again it's neat
5/17/2001 c5 Poltergeist
Oh this is toooooo cool...it's so much better than mine...Thanx for R&Ring all my fics
5/16/2001 c5 Aislin
I like! I'm finally starting to figure out the characters. i'm pretty bad at that. Karn is a person and Kaen is the world, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't like being confused. The first time I read The Lord of the Rings, I didn't realize that Sauron and Saruman were two different people until the very end. It was sad. Yeah, enough about me. Good story, and keep writing! I can't wait to find out what happens!
5/16/2001 c4 Aislin
Nice cliffie. They're so fun, aren't they? I really like how you've got the whole story coming together. Please explain what the Gomes are soon. It's a little confusing.
5/16/2001 c5 Mira McGrath
Dude, you have to write more, this is sooooo good! Darre is so cool. (that and jake is one of my fave guy names). This is really good. Keep up the good work. (and if you don't mind the sqw characters duke or mira, u mught like my story BEFORE THE BEGINNING)

~Mira McGrath
5/16/2001 c2 Mira McGrath
And the plot thickens.
5/16/2001 c1 Mira McGrath
Wow, pretty good so far. The beginning actually makes sense. ( unlike the beginning of SQW.) And, just in case u wanted to know, i updated my story, and got rid of the double chapters. ( if u hadn't mentioned, i wouldn't have noticed:)) I look foward to reading the rest of urs. Thanx for reading mine!
5/15/2001 c4 2Katramarina
EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW SOOOO Romantic! I can't believe you, 'Tasha! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW! I think the story is good, but... Gross! Thats so romantic, but other wise, it's fine. Disguised as romance? It is romance. Oh, and by the way... WRITE MORE BEFORE I DIE! I'LL FORGET ALL THE ROMANCE IF YOU GET ME OUT OF SUSPENCE

Sooo, Sam is Blue Falcon, but I'm not sure what cardinal is. So write more, and everything will be okay.

By the way, I think U R a Editing Nut, and I think you freak out when U see mis-spelled words. U R not forgiven for not having any mis-spelled words. Okay. I said enough.
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