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5/15/2001 c5 2Katramarina
EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW SOOOO Romantic! I can't believe you, 'Tasha! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW! I think the story is good, but... Gross! Thats so romantic, but other wise, it's fine. Disguised as romance? It is romance. Oh, and by the way... WRITE MORE BEFORE I DIE! I'LL FORGET ALL THE ROMANCE IF YOU GET ME OUT OF SUSPENCE

Sooo, Sam is Blue Falcon, but I'm not sure what cardinal is. So write more, and everything will be okay.

By the way, I think U R a Editing Nut, and I think you freak out when U see mis-spelled words. U R not forgiven for not having any mis-spelled words. Okay. I said enough.
5/15/2001 c5 9Licinious
WOW, onceagain WOW,what a cliffhanger. Write more, NOW!
5/15/2001 c1 2Ella Afleck
This is pretty good so far, sorry I don't have time to read it all at the moment. I just wanted to thank you for reading SQW and to let you know that more is on the way. If you liked it, you might want to read the Ella before story under my user name and Mercury's under her's. Mine is pretty long right now, but you seem to like the theme. Thanks again and I can't wait until I get a change to finish your story!
5/14/2001 c3 9Licinious
I loved it The premise is amazing I can't wait till the next chapter.
5/14/2001 c3 14Aislin
WOW. That's a really good story. I had a hard time figuring out who all the characters were, but I finally got it. This is coming together really nicely. That plots good and the story really flows well. Write more!
5/10/2001 c2 Flik Suikoden
*ponders* Okay SO I'm a little slow..haven't figured out the plot yet... ;*(

I'm sure it'll come to. Yea my written does make people go cross eyed, its all the roll of being evil ;P

Hehe J/K I'll try to fix it up, numerious people have told me that the format is to bloody hard to read ;(

Good writing. Keep up the good work! Maybe if I read on I'll understand...*taps his head trying to think*
5/10/2001 c3 2Mirai
OOooooooooooh, interesting... quite interesting, but one thing... you must write more. It's amazing, I'm actually calm right now. Then again, I'm half asleep (mutters to self) stupid thunderstorm kept me up half the night. But this story is really good. You should put up chapters 4 and 5. (grabs lazer gun) Soon would be a good idea... Well, that is all for now! ^_^
5/10/2001 c2 sos
your 13 right? ha ha sorry.. thanks for reviewing.. i um.. actually wasnt.. going to continue.. Em.. but i think I better now.. you might beat me up.. ha ha.. This is great! I dont mind if it's not sci fiy yet. Its really gret.. and you left a cliffhanger! Ill try finish dreamweavers for you. thanks a million for reviewing. sos
5/10/2001 c3 2Natasha Browning
(Tasha grumbles, what am I reduced to, reviewing my own story!) I have chapters 4 & 5 written (well, only chp. 4 is complete, but y'know) so you won't be kept in suspence TOO long... heh heh heh... Toodaloo!
5/5/2001 c1 Natasha Browning
" Well, HOWDY! How are you? (I realize this is supposed to be a review of a book, but CAN'T I ADD SOME FRIENDLY LETTER-GREETINGS!) Very well written I must say! Bravo! When our ancient computer gets the internet(this might be wierd, since here I am) I'll read more! Keep up the good work! (Long live the GEESE!)"

- Dr. Fudge
5/5/2001 c2 Natasha Browning
"This story is unlike one I've read before. I mean- heck! I thought it was just another dumb school story- I mean, how many of those are out there, taking up space? Pu-leeeeez! Anyway, talk about your surprises. One momment she's talking about school crushes and perfect nails, the next... well, you'll just have to find out yourself. I can't wait to see more from this Browning girl!"

- Raye Crystal Mountain (on my computer... Ahhhh!)
5/4/2001 c2 12Syria
lol dis is sorta cool! but i have a hard time tring to figure out who is Brenna's crush...is it joel? or Carl? or Jake? i donno...but dis is good! very good! i like da last part...and i also wanna thank you for your review of my story ;o) k gtg cant be online long...thanks and write more...i mean it!

5/4/2001 c2 14Jyouchan
It's definitely a good start, though I was a bit confused in the beginning (fine now; just easily confused ::points to self::
5/4/2001 c2 12WildRose04
gadzuks girl, put some more on!
5/1/2001 c1 Flea Man Marbles
Very good. You were kind enough to read and review my story so i thought i'd check out yours. It's pretty good so far, but you need to write more. I'm sure you have somewhere special you are going to take this story. Bye!
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