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for Voiceless In The Wind

12/25/2012 c2 7Dandy352
It think it has a lot of potential :)
9/26/2011 c2 1Princess Of Perfection

I just got your message and was going to reply, but I figured that I would read this first and then just leave a review. This is a very interesting story with a terrific plot line. So far, I think you have done really well putting it all together. I would absolutely love to read the rest of the story if you ever feel like posting the rest. How do you come up with such interesting plot lines? Do they just come to you randomly? Anyway, I would love it if you updated.

5/1/2011 c2 7SecretPassion
I think I remember reading this on Inkpop, i would say what i read but if im right i dont want to ruin it for other readers.
3/7/2011 c2 2RomanticGirl17
i'm so happy! you reposted this story =) i love it so much =)

i got really frustrated when you took it out =)) i hope you get well soon =)
3/4/2011 c2 Neivegirl22
this made me cry i can't believe you stopped it right there is there anyway you can make it longer please.
2/23/2011 c2 9Kinjirareta Ai
Awesome! I love it! I really wanna see what happens next!
1/30/2010 c3 5charliej
wow! so intense! great feeling too!
1/22/2010 c1 2RomanticGirl17
HI, i would like to know what the original version was (the last chapter i think). I super love your story, and i can relate with Carly, because, just like her, singing is everything to me. I would like to thank you for making this story. I liked it so much, and for almost every chapter, i cried. i really really like your story... Thank you so much. and keep up the good work. :-)
1/11/2010 c16 3Knowledge is Power
loved it
1/9/2010 c1 ASingleRavensCry
You are a phenomenal writer. You're story captivated me from the very first chapter, and I was ecstatic to finally read a story with depth. The characters were amazing, and just when I thought I had the plot figured out, something else happened that left me breathless. I've read both this story and your sequel, and I implore you to continue. Your writing has inspired me to finish one novel I had been woking on (it was for nanowrimo) and to write another one. I've been meaning to, and this story was just the push I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
1/6/2010 c16 7Scarlet Dawn
Wow. Awesome story. I really need a sequel! XD
1/5/2010 c5 3Knowledge is Power
1/4/2010 c17 3DarkGoddess3
I really enjoyed reading this story. I'm glad it worked out for them.
1/3/2010 c5 waterfall of words
how long will cassie make it being carly's friend?

awe, matt. he's a good boy.
1/3/2010 c4 waterfall of words
ah geez, you've got me all teared up.

what the hell kind of friends did she have anyway? sounds like worthless ones.
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