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9/21/2017 c18 MiranDuranDa
Wait. Is that the end-end? I know that's where N:NM starts, but that can't be the end! Aw man. I read N:NM first because it said it was the prequel, but when I got to the final chapter and realized that it was unfinished I thought "that's ok, I still have the original to go read." I mistakenly thought that if you had started a prequel that meant you had finished this one. I always feel like unfinished stories are such cruel teasers.

Your stories are so good! I love how much time you invest in character development. I love how the stories interconnected, but were completely different. I loved that it still followed Nick and Roger, but that Nick was a completely different personality. I laughed when someone cursed using Athala's name. I became so heartbroken when Roger *SPOILER ALERT* fondly remembered his first kill and then basically described Nicklaus.

You're an amazing storyteller. When I read the parts of these stories that you have posted, hours flew by; I was completely enveloped in the world you created. You could absolutely publish these. *hint-hint, wink-wink* I would absolutely buy them if you published.

Well, I'm adding you to my follow list...even though it's been over 5 years since you updated. I guess sometimes I can be a hopeless optimist.

Please consider throwing us a bone and updating on Christmas!
All my support,
2/6/2014 c18 4R. Ficst
Oooo I wish I could keep reading now. I'm really into the story.
I'll head over to check that prequel. I look forward to more chapters!
2/5/2014 c1 R. Ficst
You are amazing. What a great opening, I'm hooked!
3/20/2013 c9 2TwistedInkIncorporated
Aaaand the plot thickens. So this group is the only one who knows about the 'tears' between worlds? Interesting. I can't wait to learn more about The Master as I go on. And it seems like Roger is always making trouble. I hope he's going to have more interaction with Nick soon. I love reading the scenes they have together. Again, yay Lent!
But now I am extremely curious as to what Nick might be. I mean, there are dark elves, vampires, half-demons, what could he possibly be?! Excitement! On to the next chapter! Ciao!
3/20/2013 c8 TwistedInkIncorporated
Oh my. Poor Roger. Amazing chapter, as always! I wonder if I didn't comment on this before, but your characterization is delightful and to be envied! They are all so dynamic- especially ones like Roger, Nick, and Lent. For some reason I am absolutely in love with Lent. :) Great chapter!
3/18/2013 c7 TwistedInkIncorporated
Oh wow I just noticed that you only have sixty some reviews. This story deserves waaay more than that, just so you know. It is amazing so far! Sorry it took so long for me to comment, I kinda got absorbed. But... just wow. How do you come up with ideas like this? Every turn I take in reading it I'm astounded by something new, whether it's just an obscure little twist or a huge blow from the plot. I'll be sure to review more as I go on. Just wanted to show you my support! Don't be nervous about updating, you are an incredible writer! :)
6/14/2012 c18 No name
Please continue
6/14/2012 c16 No name
The story is Very interesting, but you have started too many stories within the main one and I was kind of losing track. Don't take it the wrong way all of the characters are captivating, just wanted Way more about Roger and Nick. Keep up the good work! Regards
6/14/2012 c16 No name
The story is Very interesting, but you have started too many stories within the main one and I was kind of losing track. Don't take it the wrong way all of the characters are captivating, just wanted Way more about Roger and Nick. Keep up the good work! Regards
4/3/2012 c18 Wicked Neko
Whaaattt? WHAT!

I have this weird feeling that Nick is the reincarnation of the mysterious Northern mage... or something.


That's sooooooo badass.

I need more. Please update ASAP.

I want more fluff between Roger and Niiickk pleeeeease. Or some more kissy kissy scenes. :D

Oh, and will you ever tell us about the Master's backstory? Or will it always remain a mystery?
3/14/2012 c17 3unhuman
Oh my goodness, I don't think I've enjoyed a story so much in ages. Where to start? The wonderful, intriguing characters with all their rich backstories and personality flaws that make them so sympathic, the gorgeously vivid setting, the fascinating plot twists- and oh my goodness the tension. I hope your computer problems can be fixed soon, and thank you for the story!
7/12/2011 c15 Ruapehu82
A brilliant fantasy tale you are weaving! I'm loving it! Definitely shaping up/has the potential to be an Epic adventure!

I'm sure you will clear it up in upcoming chapters but i'm a little unclear on how Nick's condition has been affected by the new "world" he is in? Particularly his phobias and fears, they appear to have vanished. For someone who previously spent his life confined in his apartment he's doing well suddenly being around people and wide open spaces...?
5/29/2011 c15 Kiounne
This is my favorite story. :D
2/16/2011 c14 1TheDarkestAbyss
I love this story! Especially the parts with Nick in them, I would love to have more of them! He's so mysterious... Even to himself *love. love, love*

Sorry... I seem like a idiotic fangirl XD But seriously; This story is really good and I couldn't stop reading till the latest chapter. You've kept me intrested and I thank you for that!

But please uptade soon, I can't wait to read more! :)
2/7/2011 c14 DormantDrake
Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the next one with Nick and Roger. :D
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