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9/8/2010 c7 5Disney Is Hardcore
This is cool.

Update soon. :)
8/24/2010 c7 5Curb Crasher
Are you nervous because it's bloody?

Nick is so cute when he's . . . high-ish!
8/13/2010 c7 lyra
why would you be nervous 'bout posting this? it's really good, just finnished all chapters that you've published and I really like it, it's really interesting and well written, and I kinda think that this chapter was the best one this far, especially the part when Roger was fighting, that was unusual :P, but a vampire named Roger now that's is truly a rare thing =D
8/8/2010 c7 Myranda Lynn
Poor Nick, the meds aren't completly out of his system yet and he's already seeing things. He's gonna be such a mess and the only person that gives a rat is off on a wild goose chase and a bit concerned over his partner. And the interesting bit is that everytime I think I know what the heck someone is you go and twist things just a bit and keep us guessing.
8/8/2010 c7 2Checkerspades
Awesome story. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!
8/6/2010 c7 Cylara
Yay! I had almost given up hope that this would be updated. I really like it. :)
8/5/2010 c1 werdaa
8/5/2010 c7 1Raiya-shi
Aw why are you nervous about the chapter... I liked it... wonder if the second guy that got away told other people... be weird if they got hunted... though i think they could handle it if they did... I hope Mohan doesn't go TOO crazy but I'm probably hoping for too much... I'm also curious about what Roger said, how something happened afterwards happened that was important... seems that Mohan, Roger, and Nick heard humming in this chapter... related in any way? I hope Mohan and Roger make it back safely . I like them both... I wish them both success on their thing so that they can back and then Roger can side with Nick/help him out and etc... or something? at least be a comfort yeah? Maria is probably beating herself up over the whole thing... also prob going to hate Nick over it as well... I'm also glad that Lent finally established that he has no idea what they mean when they ask him what he is, means he can't be in trouble for hiding right? but also makes finding out about him hard as well... Maybe he's a mi? Trying to figure out where the answers will come from... maybe if they look into Nick's mom? Or maybe they have a spell/potion that will help with that... oh well just curios... I love this story so far so don't be too nervous or anything lol keep up the awesome work *salutes* till next chapter! Can't wait ^-^
8/2/2010 c6 Raiya-shi
Poor Poor nick! I really want to know what's going to happen to him... and I'm not too worried about Roger, but maybe hope he gets a meal and comes back to help Mohan yeah? Or maybe subdue the beast in Mohan at the very least... i like Lent don't like Maria so much... but sort of curious about the history between her and Roger... Thanks for the up! till next time *waves*

7/24/2010 c6 thecakethief

please... write more soon? :)
7/13/2010 c6 1Handsome Devil
Oh man, what a time to update and what a place to end. Mohan's gone wild. I already guessed he was somehow crazy too though. He was way too normal. And what does he mean it's been so long since he's had something substantial? Does he need blood too? Or does he eat people or something...?

OK. 0_0 I just read that last paragraph. I'm a little freaked out, but my question's answered. Wow. I never would've thought... I guess Roger's not so scary now. Haha.

I hope the next update is soon. I had to read the story again to understand what was going on. ;)
6/28/2010 c6 2Madame Penguin
oh god! morbid ending much...well he had to let the monster go sometime so at least it was entertaining enough to read about such gruesome things before the chapter ended. Left a very memorable impression I must say

Can't wait til the next update so hurry up and write that good stuff eh?
6/25/2010 c6 firedraygon97
Holy crap, Mohan's kickass! Very lovely update. I'm enjoying Nick's predicament, haha. Please write more soon!

6/25/2010 c6 acorn2oak
Thanks for updating! It WAS worth the wait. Wonderful!
6/25/2010 c1 5inreallife
I'm very hooked. This is the second vampire story I've read today, which is a funny little coincidence. Are they all vampires? I'm confused...and why are they in the human world? I'll guess I'll read on to find out!
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