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1/4/2010 c1 1Picturesque-Desires
8/23/2009 c3 6Samm.xXx
So still confusing alightly but kinda interesting and kudos on the love triangle, keep writing.
8/10/2009 c2 1GaIn
Not only did her mom let her have Roy sleepover, but she let them sleep in the same bed? OMG, where can I get a mom like that? lol

Okay, so that bit doesn't come across as at all realistic, no matter how much the mom trusts him. He's still a teen boy. But whatever. Back to the story.

It's good! I'm really liking it so far! And it was pretty believeable until we got to the whole bed-sharing thing.

Can't wait for more!
8/10/2009 c2 amandalu
Your best love story. Could even fit in the British School env (except for the mention of no shorts. We never wear shorts)
8/5/2009 c1 6Samm.xXx
Interesting but kind of confusing, i like it though.
8/5/2009 c1 1GaIn
Good start. I have to say, I'm definitely interesting in reading more.

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