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8/27/2018 c1 Dianna McKelvey
This is one of your best writings. I had a hard time reading it...the tears blurred my vision. Your deep sorrow and helplessness, I recognized in your mother as well. She was one of the hardest working people I knew...I considered her a very good friend. She occasionally opened up her feelings to me and we had some long heartfelt conversations. I’m sure she is extremely proud of the way you have handled your life...your writings are straight from your heart and range between true life and fantasy. I sincerely see your novels becoming best sellers...I wish you all the luck, love, happiness and success in the world. Take care and God bless.
4/5/2012 c1 Amanda
I really enjoyed this story and could see myself in it. I am from the Author's hometown though, so maybe I am slightly biased! LOL Well written and very expressive. I could feel what Kerry was feeling as I read it.
11/9/2010 c1 3thatsimyoutortured
YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD WRITER! I love this so much!
3/12/2010 c1 Artume
That was sad, and sweet. I feel so sorry for Kerry. Especially the whole 'date with Tenant' thing...that sounded very horrible, and very real. I'm glad John helped her the way he did. This, and 'His Sixteenth Face' are the only ones I've read, I think...I do hope you continue 'His Sixteenth Face'...it's such a fascinating story...please do! Happy writing!
10/19/2009 c1 Zero Serenity
ahh, that was really sweet ^^ really talks a lot about loneliness and kindness. it gives you the a nice 'boost' =P. stories that do that are the best; no matter how bad it gets stories like this can show how much more there is to life.

8/19/2009 c1 9Kaytala
Aww :) What a sweet story! This is exactly the sort of heart warming story I really needed to read right now. You totally just lifted my day. Thank you!
8/11/2009 c1 KatsuTami
that was so cute... and sad... she reminds me of my best friend.

and that's all i can say
8/7/2009 c1 18ZaXo Ken'Ichi
Wow... What to say. This is REALLY good. It keeps you hooked the whole time, and evolves at the perfect pace. It's a little predictable (once John arrives), but what romance isn't, lol. The moment you start reading you know that even if you are sure of what will happen in the end, the journey there is what keeps you attracted to the story the WHOLE way. The blog entries are a good way to see exactly what the characters are thinking, and are a good "theme" that makes the story unique and creative. They are spaced very nicely throughout the story, and give you a perfect little breather from the action. Overall, if you could rate stories, I'd give it a ten out of ten. These are the type of stories I love to read, and I wish I could write. Great job.

By the way, I checked out your profile and noticed that you don't have anything else in the Romance category :( You are really very good at it, and I would definitely read anything else you write in this category (my favorite section, besides Anime/Manga on Fanfic), no matter how long it is :) Anyway, I've said enough. Again, this was flawless.
8/6/2009 c1 2joank
I really enjoyed your story. Even cried a little in the end. Thanks for sharing. Joan.
8/5/2009 c1 mysisterisasquijum
Awe. That really was a beautiful story.
8/5/2009 c1 Ipaintwithwords
I really enjoyed this so much. You captured Kerry's loneliness really well, she finding friendship at a grave. John, a kind and gentle man finally gives Kerry what she was looking for.


8/5/2009 c1 30Waitingnotsopatiently
This was pretty good! Kinda long...but overall it was an interesting storyline.

8/5/2009 c1 2MartinIsMyGoldfish
This story was beautiful. You write with such skill and subtlety - I love how even the seemingly insignificant details, like the trash on the lawn, become important to the development of the story and your characters. You struck the right balance of loneliness and desperation with a sense of hope and happiness toward the end. Congratulations on writing something truly beautiful.

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