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3/30/2016 c90 Beverly
Wow I left a review on this chapter exactly four years ago haha! Such a coincidence, I was just thinking about it. Are you planning to finish or just leaving it? :)
3/20/2016 c90 Cowabungabbe95
PLEASE COME BACK AND UPDATE SOON! I neeeeeed to know what happens next!?
1/14/2016 c18 Amazeballs
This is soooooo good D: Like WHY!? xDD
2/23/2015 c90 Guest
how does kane feel toward yuki? you cut it off short
2/23/2015 c85 Guest
mira is too passive towards kane. where is her rebellious side when it comes to yuki?
12/20/2014 c90 mylittleprincess
please please please update, i love this story soooo much:(
7/18/2014 c12 Zlen
OMG!I've been waiting for this all along
7/18/2014 c10 Zlen
Hahaha!best chapter so far!i totally love this story
5/30/2014 c90 GnCdwll
I just gotta say this again. More Hadwin/Shina thingys because I got a kick for those two. I know that eventually Shina would end up with Yasuo but still... T-T

And please whatever happens, whatever they come across with during their relationship, don't let Kane and Mira be jerks to one another. Of course conflicts are inevitable (and the spice of the story) but I want the two of them to be very understanding and rational. Because this is the main reason why I love them.

Tell them I said this Author-chan. I love you too!
5/30/2014 c90 GnCdwll
I love your characters by the way. Antagonists or protagonists, they're the best in their own way. I love Mira. She's this very understanding and fun girlfriend every girl wants to be. But I hope she won't be too conservative for her own good with Kane in later chapters ;))) cause it's starting to annoy me (cause I know she likes it) haha omg I'm so bad haha. But seriously...

And Kane... oh Kane... He's an amazing boyfriend. I don't know but he and Mira just fit together. What with Mira's never ending sassiness to keep him in line. I just hope she wouldn't be so mean to him so often haha. But I gotta admit I was downright pissed with the Kane/ Yuki issue and Kane just letting it bother his relationship with Mira. WTF Kane!? you gotta get over her! She didn't even had the guts to wait for you! Mira is a thousand times way better than her... But I trust you know that already so get it over with!

P.S. please update sooner Author-chan!
5/30/2014 c90 GnCdwll
UPDAAATE! Oh and by the way, please give some Hadwin/Shina scenes. I've started to ship them madly haha. Sorry Yasuo x))) and I hope you'd end the story with Kane completely clear with his strange feelings for Yuki, because I would be very disappointed otherwise. I want him to be completely into Mira and Mira only! you hear that Kane!? But I wouldn't mind having more Yuki/Kane scenes just to intensify the flow of the story ;))) Oh and more passionate (and detailed) kissing sessions for Mira and Kane hihi I've been waiting for some :***
5/9/2014 c90 Tashana
This story was on point.
2/24/2014 c90 Guest
Are you going to do ATC's again? They were REALLY funny, and your REALLY good at writing, brilliant actually! ;) anywho.. LOVE the story, LOVE the characters, and LOVE you! XD
9/20/2013 c90 Sandyls23
Great story! Can't wait for a new chapter! Ready for Kane and Mira to take their relationship to the next level :)
7/24/2013 c5 Guest
This is good. :)
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