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for Bloodlight Saga Book One: Origins teaser

9/13/2010 c1 Cherrywood
Very interesting. Is written fairly nicely and strangely ensnaring. The story managed to snatch me away from my college paper I was suppose to be writing. Can't wait to read more...
12/31/2009 c1 1authorLH
Wow, interesting story!

-Lain :]
9/19/2009 c1 12xXxilovesquirtxXx
That's a long ass chapter, I will finish reading it later

I am supposed to be typing.

I really like it so far, can't wait to read the rest.

8/12/2009 c1 8S. Kimball
I'm on Chapter 12 so far, and I really like this story. There were a few noticeable typos, mostly not capitalizing after a period, but they didn't take too much away from the story. The setting and descriptions are great, as is the main character.

The romance is good and you can almost feel the intensity of it. Loving this book so far, I'll read some more tomorrow and leave another review.

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