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4/9/2010 c16 13Kid Crisis
Okay. I like this story; it has a good plot and everything, but why does Kiera push Kellan away?

First she grabs him and wants him closer, then she says, "No, I want him..." even though she's still pulling Kellan against her. She's touching him and everything but saying she loves Denny.

So, like, is the girl bipolar of something? 'Cause it seems to me she doesn't know what she wants, and she's sort of being a whore. No offense to you, of course-you're a fabulous writer. But so far, I do NOT like Kiera.

At all.


4/8/2010 c26 Mia x
This was unbloody believeable x)

This story was so cute, and sad, and awful, but addicting and ugh, just, great writing (Y)

3/26/2010 c26 5luvsummer
This story was absolutely fantastic! Seriously, great job! I loved it!
3/25/2010 c1 tehcow
wow! first chapter and im so into it already!
3/3/2010 c26 bookworm.hrt
This was amazing. You are such an amazing writer. This story was so emotional and beautiful. Grat job. :D
2/28/2010 c26 addicted
i just read this whole story today! it was AMAZING! i'm glad kellan didn't accept her right away when denny left and stating he didn't want to be her consolation prize...at first when i was at the chapter with denny leaving i was like oh man this makes it too simple for her...kinda makes it seem to kellan he's a back up...but wehn u said that i was like so happy...lol
2/27/2010 c26 Taylorlover
I read this story awhile ago...

But I can't belive I forgot to rite a review


I fell in love with how real these characters were...

And your writting style was what left me speechless!


I have ever read on this site!

Thank u so much !

loved every second...

Lol this was probably my 6 th time reading this :)
2/23/2010 c1 hannah
Oh. My. Goodness. This story is AMAZING! It made me luaugh, cry, smile. Everything and let me tell u, I have almost never cried reading a story. And I balled during this one! I was just so emotionally attached to the characters. Its crazy good. From reading some of the reviews I already knew who she was going to choose but still in my heart you kept me guessing until the very last chapters. Everything was just incredable about this book. Publishing worthy, let me tell you I would in a heartbeat if I was a publisher(: just letting u get my review! Love this!
2/17/2010 c26 1checkyesdana
spent the week reading all of this. its amazing. you're a fabulous writer & this made my heart ache in the best way possible. amazing!
2/16/2010 c26 1AtiyaMonae

You were right, I ended up loving Kellan Kyle.

still feel bad for Denny, but hey..not everthing's sugar and sweet.

I'm happy you changed your mind on killing off Kiera, even though at some points I was aching to do it myself b/c of how retarded she was acting.

This story was really beautiful, and I have to admit I even got choked up sometimes.

It was that deep and filled with emotion, had to resist the urge of yelling out:


Only succeeded a few times..


So Brava,

My hat comes off to you. ")


[ ps..may I suggest a sequel involving Griffin and Anna? they're hilarious, and I'd love to see her put him in his place. ") ]
2/13/2010 c26 5ShayLa X CailLat
wow. just... wow.

through half of this story, i wanted to throw my laptop at the far wall, because it was so clear that she NEEDED to be with Kellan, but it was taking her so long to realize it. but as frustrating as it all was, thats what made it so damn good! your writing style is impecable and the story was brilliant. Well worth it all.
2/13/2010 c16 Kitten Authoress
This fic is so underloved. But if I were Keira, I wouldn't have slapped him in the face. I would've just reeled back like he had hit me and then walk away. I wouldn't give a flying fuck about him.

But I like Keira. She didn't do what I would've done. Seriously, though, this fic is amazing and SO underloved. I love it so much, I really do.

Keep up the marvelous work!

2/13/2010 c19 ShayLa X CailLat
Oh. My. God.

this story is AMAZING! normally i dont like the whole cheating thing, but i just cant stop reading this its so good! i cant wait to find out whats gonna happen!
2/11/2010 c1 YunieTheOracle
I very much loved your story! Your writing is very good, but your characters are fantastic. I'm normally irritated by the "troubled past" of characters, but Kellan's was very believable. Also, your love triangle was also superbly orchestrated in that it was not obvious who Kiera would choose. Stephenie Meyer could learn that lesson...
2/11/2010 c26 Winterwonder
I love this story. The characters, the emotion, everything. It's one of the best on this website. Just thought you should know how much I love it. Thanks for posting it!

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