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9/28/2009 c22 SourCandyEndings
This is incredible, far more than something I'd expect from anyone on Fictionpress.

I read it in one sitting, and bawled like a baby at the end. I will be faving this and reading the sequel/alternate ending for sure.

This story deserves so much more attention!
9/18/2009 c22 2Amburlyn Senay
This story was so amazing! I'm in tears really. I just want to say "thank you" for giving everyone such a beautifully tragic story. It was so real all the way through. The characters, the plot, the everything. I'm glad Kiera seems at peace and Kellen and Denny are back with one another. You couldn't have ended it any better.

Thank you so much again. I loved it.
9/18/2009 c20 Amburlyn Senay
Oh my God! I never imagined Denny would do such a thing! This was such a shocking twist! I can't believe it!

You truly are an astounding author. I can only aspire to write something so gut wrenching...
9/13/2009 c22 xInkMusique
I am officially depressed. Gr... Kellen/Kiera forever! :O I really hate this ending, but the alt ending seemed too... unreal? Like I don't think that would have happened. But other than that, I loved it.
9/13/2009 c22 3Sweet Child
*Sniff, bawl*

Give me a second to compose myself. The ending really did me in.

*Wipes eye*

Ok, here goes, I completely and utterly loved it. Especially Kellan. Personally, I was rooting for him. But that could also be because Kieras' focus was mainly on him, much less so on Denny (that is, until the very end), so Kellan came across as much more sympathetic.

Kiera... simply annoyed me at the end. She was so unbelievably selfish. She also put way too much fault at Kellans' door. That was quite hypocritical of her.

Also, I didn't quite like the last two chapters out of Kieras' "transcendental" viewpoint. It was just... too sappy. Sorry. I would have much rather liked the chapters to be narrated from a neutral standpoint.

So, my verdict would be 4 and 3/4 stars out of 5. ;p

Ps: Just a hint, do try to cut the chapters up a bit more. It is rather irritating to read such long chapters over the net. Makes people grumpy... you probably would achieved the number of reviews this story deserved if only the chapters would have been shorter...
9/11/2009 c22 sally n
hi...wow...! i just stumbled across ur story while browsing and since u only had 48 reviews i though..hmm it wont be that good..but boy was i wrong! i loved it,it tore me up,made me happy and so sad at the same time. i was crying at the end i felt my heart was about to burst with sadness! it was done beautifully...it was vivid and realistic and wow! u did great hoping to see more stories from u.
9/7/2009 c22 an Attic Light
This is one of the most touching stories I've ever read. I usually do not enjoy reading such heavy material but you conveyed it in such a beautiful way, very unexpectedly too. It took all of my will power not to cry the last few chapters, and I swear I'm not a wuss, it was just absolutely surreal and heart breaking. You can really capture true emotion, even in the lighter, happier moments of the story too. You are a fantastic writer, I can not wait to read more from you.

8/29/2009 c22 8Mynmsths
oh my fucking god... this was one of the most depressing things that i have ever read... like seriously, it was amazing and i can't even begin to understand how heartbreakingly sad this entire thing was

... i mean it goes from being relativly fluffy to secrets and lies but then to this... i was sobbing the last couple chapters...

it was amazingly fantastic... great job even though i wish that it had ended with her and kellen riding off into the sunset i see that that was nowhere near even remotely likely to happen because i mean seriously how often do affairs end with happing endings. so i understand why that you had to end it that way.

because what would have happened would be that kiera would have followed denny to austraila and they would have gotten married. and then not to long after that kellen would have follwed her there and it would have ended up to be some type of epic on angain off again relationship that neither of them would have been remotly happy with.

... but still i wish that it would have ended up that way. But you are an amazing writter this entire thing was written so amazingly that i can't hardly describe it... it was crazy intense in the craziest of ways... and just awesome...

but yeah sorry for writting like a novel of a review but i really really really loved your story and will definitly be looking for more of your work...

8/28/2009 c22 sammyz
You are an amazing writer. I'm shell shocked that you've only got a few reviews for this, because it definately deserves so much more.

This is the 2nd story that has rendered me to a blubbering mess. I had to keep putting my PSP down, wiping my eyes, blowing my nose, and then starting the whole process all over again.

Kellan was my favourite character. Even with all his flaws. You always knew where he was coming from.I can't believe Keira said no to him, after everything. *feels like smacking her over the head*

Keira was...I don't know. One minute I liked her, the next I felt like screaming at her to pick Kellan, not that she did. She was so indecisive that it kinda annoyed me. Why didn't she walk off into the sunset with Kellan?

Denny, not much to say about this guy, except I wished he had stayed wherever he'd gone. Things would have been so much similar.

I love this story, and I really think you have an amazing chance at getting this published.

One thing though...your excerpts. Your normal chapters are really nice and long, I was really dissapointed when I found the excerpt so short.
8/27/2009 c1 4YourGuardianAngel82
8/26/2009 c22 sesh
Your such an amazing writer, I hope you will always continue to write because you have such a talent. This story had me so emotional I had to take breaks but when I continued I would get right back to the same frame of mind. I love to read so it's always interesting when I read something on fictionpress that is so good I wonder why books like twilight are held in such high esteem when stories like these describe emotion so much better. I rarely get emotional but the feelings you described in your characters I felt so well. I didn't only feel Kiera's emotions but I also clearly felt Kellan's and Danny's. This story is amazing and so well developed and raw. When I went to review I first went to the top of the page and figured I would see a couple thousand reviews but when I only saw 43 I was in disbelief. I only usually review good stories, which is usually just a really well written cliche, but your story is the first story that feels like I just read one of my most favorite books, and this is the first review in which I have felt that it was necessary I tell you great this story is and I have never put this much thought into one of my reviews. All in all, I just want to say thank you for sharing this story with me and that it made me very appreciative of my life and what I have =)


8/26/2009 c22 1Damned to heaven
That was surreal. Utterly WOW. I'm surprised it isn't a big hit but I'm glad I got the chance to read it, i count myself lucky. When she chose Denny I was really sad and was even more upset when she died. I was going to 'berate' you on the choice of her death but I found it was the right thing to do and your note on the last chapter helped. She loved them and they loved her- so it works. Jenny was a surprise but she helped Kellen 'heal' so I guess them as a couple was good as long as he always loves keira. Lovely story and very heartbreaking. Beautiful.
8/26/2009 c22 12missabob
Wow, I'm with that other person that stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish this. It was heartbreaking and intense and made me laugh all at once. I was angry at Kiera, and felt sorry for her, and was happy for her. You definitely caught me by surprise with the ending, and I most definitely cried, but I can totally respect why you chose it. While I was REALLY hoping that she would choose Kellan in the end, this is a close second. I actually like it better than the idea of her going off with Deeny. While she was happy with him before, I don't know if she could have ever been truly happy with him after what she experienced.

Job well done!
8/25/2009 c22 belle1220
Wow. I really wish I never read this.

This story was so moving and touching and filled with great angst and then you ended it with that unnecessarily tragic ending. I was really hoping for a Kellan/Keira happy ending. You had built them up so perfectly. Major disappointment.

I can handle angst, think all good stories should have at least a little bit of it, but I hate tragedy.

Anyway, up until the last two chapters this story was wonderful. I won't be reading the sequel, but I wish you luck in your writing endeavors.
8/25/2009 c10 Ampluvr88
This story is absolutely fabulous so far...can't wait to finish it. Great Job!
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