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8/25/2009 c22 Purple Sunset
Aw. I'm bawling my eyes out right now.

I wish she would have stayed with Kellan; I liked him better.
8/24/2009 c1 30Philodice
Great first chapter.
8/23/2009 c22 1quacko
wow... that was some heavy stuff

I was crying so hard i had to stop reading D:

all i can say: wow i hate kiera, she's an idiot :)

but still great story =]
8/23/2009 c22 1ktkaestner
Oh god, how I LOVED this! Honestly, I stayed up till three in the morning reading this. Simply amazing, really. Your characters pulled me in, and kept me reading, even though all my body wanted to do was fall asleep. I can't say I liked the ending, but then, how could I? I loved Kiara way too much for her to die. I mean maybe you couldn't think of a way for her to really choose, or something- I'm not going to try to figure out the workings of your brain. But really, fantastic job, this is definitely at the top of my list(:
8/22/2009 c22 Your Requiem
Ok wow, kudos to the story. I thought it was brilliant. Yes, sappy at times but you're so caught up in the story you just don't give a damn. :D Chapter 21 was so sad, I must admit I did cry. It was hard to pick who Kiera wanted to end up with since I'm Aussie, I always was on Denny's a bit side but Kellan was VERY pursuasive, especially since he had that sexy Chevelle. Haha, I was so excited when the Chevelle popped up in the story 'cause I knew the story was going to be good. And it was.

Very well written also. It's not too often you come across stories that are as flawlessly written as yours.

Enjoyed it immensely and I'll have to check out that story 'Fracture' you also have.

8/20/2009 c22 independentwriter
WOW! i'm crying right now as i write this.this story is well written and carries so much emotion it just makes you feel what the characters are feeling. AMAZING talent you have!i'm so mad at the ending but wouldn't have wrote it differently myself.
8/20/2009 c22 h5412
Keira deserved to die because of what she did to Denny, but both Denny and Kellan did not deserve the pain and anguish they had sustained after her death. Denny will forever be plagued with what he did to Keira in both his relationships and in the real world because who in society will readily accept a convicted murderer. He will never forget it because it will forever hang over his head. He had such a bright future ahead of him and Keira destroyed everything. Kellan had finally felt love, from who? From Keira, which shows that she did love him. When Denny asked her to go to Australia with him and get married and they had sex, it was all weird because their relationship was dying. And it was because she craved Kellan. Denny had opportunities in Australia so why didn't she let Denny go and live his life instead of destroying him so that even society wouldn't take him back. And then Kellan deserved happiness in life. I know that in the end he had Jenny but he will always have Keira in the back of his mind because she gave up her life for him. Which proves that she loved Kellan, because she was willing to sacrifice herself for him. Keira had many character flaws. She should have initially told Denny what had happened when he came back from Tuscon rather than lying to him and letting this go along with Kellan. And then when she couldn't go back and make things right and fell for Kellan completely, she should have broken up with Denny rather than hide things from him. The story started off great but in the end, two lives were completely ruined. I think that it would hurt to much to continue reading the sequels and as much as I don't like her it would be an insult to Keira's memory even though she is an advocate of them moving on. She should have made better choices and not let things keep going the way they were. I'm sorry but it would hurt too much. Loved Kellen, he's my baby. And Anna and Griffin were hilarious. You should have given more air time to the other band members but whatever. I would have like it if you had stuck to the cliche.
8/19/2009 c22 1Tigery
Beautifully written.

I must admit, I hate love triangles and anything like them, but yours had me hooked, and then the ending was so perfect and sad! IT WAS AMAZING!

Great job!
8/19/2009 c22 sunny30
I loved this story. You did such a good job of writing it and i could not stop reading until i was done. The ending was very sad but i understand why you did what you did. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with all of us. :D
8/19/2009 c22 2Crzy-Writer-Cam
I really loved this story. It really touched me. This story really made me cry. You are a really good writer.
8/19/2009 c22 11dreamercrys
Wow...That was the saddest story I have read so far... You had me bawling for the past 3 chapters... Why did she have to die? Why couldn't she have just chosen Kellan like she was supposed to? So, sad... I just can't stop crying...damn I haven't cried this much in a long time...
8/19/2009 c1 Lauren
I really loved this story, though I absolutely loved and hated the ending. I cried consistently through the last 3 chapters and am still crying now.
8/18/2009 c22 1futurestar2009
I loved and hated every minute of this story. I felt as though I was apart of their relationships and was strapped beside them on this roller coaster. This made me cry and was amazing. I hope you keep writing.
8/18/2009 c22 7Your Execution
I dont even know what to say. i cried. i sobbed. my parents stared xD I CANT BELEIVE SHE REALLY DIED. GAH. i thought she was gonna somehow come back alive. i hoped so. i liked kelan. im glad he has someone to open up to. i feel bad for denny. but i didnt like him for the first 14 chapters because i always thought of Denny's. then i got hungry of course. So i kept getting distracted by his name. uhh. i really liked this story. i dont know if ill read the sequel. i would want to but its too sad xD. very good story. i love it. i love you. :D
8/18/2009 c22 7OldKatherineJames



Oh, boy. Um...well, let's see. First, I must state the obvious: It's over. Painfully so, it's over. I was floored; I was screaming in my head, "COME BACK TO LIFE! Pull some funky Jesus shit, and come back to life!" Then, I realized that we'd back at square one. I must say, in one of my stories, the main character did bite the dust as well, so I'm not really in proper place to judge.

Remember my bit about the contacts? My prescription expired, so I actually had to schedule an eye appointment for later today, which means not only was I reading your story with one eye, I was in absolute tears.

Denny...Kellan...Kiera...Jenny(?) Jenny! I always liked Jenny, and Kellan totally needs somebody honest, true and nice after the Kiera dibocle. I approve. xD

As a reviewing conclusion for the story, I've got to say that I love the story's flow; how I think things couldn't possibly get worse...and they do. Glorious...In a good way. :)

About your aim to polish up your grammar: As a current high-school student, I'm currently going through those horrid grammar lessons, so if you ever need any pointers, tips - or even have questions, I'd be more than thrilled to relay my sixteen years of teenage knowledge on to you. =D

Wow, that was a long review, and I do apologize...I had a lot to say and praise you for. So, a sequel, yes? I am TOTALLY looking forward to it! You are now on my author alerts. :D

Again, thanks for a wickedly awesome read,

- KatherineJames
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