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7/27/2011 c22 1bookADDICT6
That song was so romantic, I felt like crying too. It was kind of stupid to agree to go to Australia with Denny, but I'm glad she finally made her choice. I'm just upset for Denny though...
7/26/2011 c20 bookADDICT6
Hearing Kellan's story made me instantly like him again. I swear, he's a rollercoaster! I really want to know what happens with Denny, the suspense is just killing me!
7/26/2011 c19 bookADDICT6
I loved their little bitch fight. It was just so hilarious, and then the entire club heard... But it's not going to get better now that Denny is here.
7/26/2011 c18 bookADDICT6
Kellan is so hot and cold, I don't know what to think. But currently, he's cold.
7/26/2011 c17 bookADDICT6
Ugh, I can't imagine Kellan as a player anymore. He was just so sweet when he got to know Kiera. She's definitely good for him.
7/26/2011 c16 bookADDICT6
During the second half of the chapter I felt myself hating Kellan then feeling sympathy for him. Anyone who cries instantly gets my sympathy. When it's a guy who doesn't normally cry, even more.
7/26/2011 c15 bookADDICT6
Haha, Griffin has finally met his match. I feel slightly bad for him, but most of my sympathy goes out to Denny :(
7/26/2011 c14 bookADDICT6
Poor, poor, Kellan and Denny. They're both being hurt by the woman they love. I feel really bad for Denny because of the arrangements going on behind his back. He's just an all around good guy and doesn't deserve being betrayed like that. As for Kellan, he's got a broken history so you automatically feel bad for him.
7/26/2011 c13 bookADDICT6
It was so heroic of Kellan to save Kiera from getting groped. Who knows what would have happen if it went farther...

My heart totally goes out to Kellan because you get the impression that he honestly loves Kiera. It pains him to not be with her, just so romantic!
7/26/2011 c10 bookADDICT6
This new Kellan is just as fun as the original when he just made jokes. I know that he's bothering Kiera because he likes (loves) her, but currently I'm getting the feeling that he just likes to annoy her at the moment.
7/26/2011 c9 bookADDICT6
Just knowing that Kellan really wants to be with Kiera was so sweet. He was practically begging for the hurt to go away, it just so romantic. I feel bad for Denny though, he's an amazing guy and with the shit that's happening to him. It's just unfair.
7/26/2011 c8 bookADDICT6
I have a feeling why Kellan is being such an ass and the reason behind all those songs...
7/26/2011 c7 bookADDICT6
I didn't expect Denny to come back. Well, it wasn't really closure with that last phone call. I just want to know what happens between Kiera and Kellan. It seems right now, it's tense.
7/26/2011 c6 bookADDICT6
I just knew something bad was going to happen while they were separated. I always thought that it would be Kellan hitting on Kiera. But he's not that kind of guy. And then I thought Denny was going to cheat on Kiera, not accepting a permanent job.

Finally, though Kellan and Kiera get intimate...
7/26/2011 c5 bookADDICT6
I like to say that even though Griffin is a bit different, he's still a fun guy. Aw, I loved Kellan and Kiera's little bonding day. It was just so sweet.
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