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7/26/2011 c4 1bookADDICT6
I don't know why, but I feel like something is going to happen while Denny's away. Whether it'll be where he is or in Seattle, something is going to happen.
7/26/2011 c2 bookADDICT6
Even though Kellan is a bad boy, he's not arrogant or super cocky. I had to re-read their band's name to get the joke. I have a feeling Kiera working at the bar is going to cause a lot of drama...
7/26/2011 c1 bookADDICT6
I like the beginning so far. None of the characters are annoying and obnoxious, which is surprising because normally there would be a character like that.
7/25/2011 c26 Choukou
This story was absolutely amazing. it killed me reading about them because i got so invested in their lives! i felt so bad for denny, he's such a sweet guy and deserves so much. but i'm glad that kellen and keira ended up together. though keira did piss me off for a really long time because of her weakness in choosing. but i still love the story through and through because you're an amazing author and really know how to put a reader's emotions through the grinder! mind you i did not appreciate the agonizing hours before the happily ever after, but it was worth it!
7/22/2011 c26 2yoitsamberfool
I absolutely adore this story! Kiera and Kellan's relationship from the beginning was nothing short of a Atomic bomb exploding, so of course I was on cloud nine along with Kiera as Kellan sang her song. I'm excited to read the sequel and see where Anna/Griffin end up and even though he was a roadblock to the Kiera/Kellan coupling, I still wish Denny the best. Hopefully Effortless will be as fulfilling and well-written as Thoughtless!

Great job; I just might have to get the book!

7/18/2011 c26 1DofD

Now I have to go buy the book so I can read it over and over and over again!
7/18/2011 c25 DofD
Too much sadness.
7/18/2011 c24 DofD
Please tell me she ends up with Kellan. Please?
7/18/2011 c23 DofD
Oh my God. He's exactly like Kellan's father.
7/18/2011 c22 DofD
7/18/2011 c21 DofD
I wish they would tell Denny and be together fully.
7/18/2011 c20 DofD
God he is so perfect.
7/18/2011 c19 DofD
Yey! They finally stopped being stupid.
7/17/2011 c18 DofD
Go Kiera! I love Jenny.
7/17/2011 c17 DofD
They both are being idiots now. Great chapter.
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