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for Giant Killer Carrots

4/1/2003 c1 27Loganberry
Ah, but what about... the Even Gianter Killer Bunnies? =;)
7/10/2001 c1 kellie
what the crap?
6/8/2001 c1 Kerry
Yeah for Cailin! You have a weird, yet creative mind. i don't really know what to say except that your story was really funny! well that's really all i have to say! GOOD job & bu-bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~

luv alwayz,

5/28/2001 c1 Padfootsgal
woa, i think that was wierd. but now im always going to eat my carrots. hee hee.
5/7/2001 c1 7I eat submarines
Okay ... You sound like my cousin!
5/5/2001 c1 71Toireasa
YEA. Killer carrots! Cool. I thought it was funny.
5/5/2001 c1 jo0
That was actually really cool. Warped, mind you, but really cool.
5/4/2001 c1 Megan the am.gov. candy-eater
This is toatally you! Very demented and strange! But i can relate, there was this time... well, um never mind...uh bye
5/3/2001 c1 7JaffaCake
Ack, turn off the caps lock. Any ways, this story was veeeeeery interesting. Very interesting indeed.
5/2/2001 c1 14Dlanor Yellow
This was indeed rather warped, however, it's coming from you (and that excuses the fact that it's crazy!)

This was greatly cool though (ps: the new title for our R&J spoof is "Romeo and Juliet: Dazed and very much drugged up")

it should be on soon! :) :) :) :) :)
5/1/2001 c1 20Gatita del Diablo
What the hell are you on, child? How many times have I told you that crack is bad?
5/1/2001 c1 14Persephone
That was so funny! evil giant carrots are awesome.
5/1/2001 c1 Sixie Vee
Oh dear god Cailin, you are truly a spaz of epic proportions! Girl that was on crack! LOL!
5/1/2001 c1 2L.E. Lamkin
you are one strange strange person...
4/30/2001 c1 caitlin
you've been hanging around Katie and Shoshie way too long. nice story. serves the people right for not eating their carrots.
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