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for Black Hole

8/15/2009 c1 2Sheila Ibre
X) wicked! Haha, I'd love to hear the music that goes with this (for its too, too awesomely lyrical not to have a high-charged tempo to go with it). Especially love the 'Black Hole' theme going on - I'm reminded of 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse (tho the only thing I remember from that song is Edward Cullen strutting into the cafeteria looking like a pasty-faced vampire on a strictly whiskey diet; err, this is a reference to The Twilight Movie)

Back to your Black Hole; it feels fast-paced and ultimately, the lyrics are catchy! I could imagine singing along while I'm stuck in traffic and its playing full-blast on the radio. ^^ Yup, yup, I love this!

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