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for The Sky Bleeds

8/27/2009 c1 11J. D. Bennett
Oh very good. It's a nice image, and I totally see where you're coming from with this. It's a little lengthy for my taste, but that's not a problem, really. You have a way with words, the description is fantastic without being over-the-top and I can really see it in my mind. Keep up the excellent work!
8/24/2009 c1 3DragonCeres
wow beautiful

you've such a talent for writing poems.

i really enjoyed it
8/24/2009 c1 4L.A. Clearwater
*Sniffs* Dear Caecilia, once upon a time I opened my FP account and went directly to the Roadhouse. I saw you there,in the 'Want Reviews? C'mon up to the Bar!' Since I love learning about new authors...oh wait! Am I turning too corny? Well, I guess I got carried away with the emotions shown in your poem...I love it!
8/20/2009 c1 10TheMonomaniacalGoblin

I love this.

I tried to figure out the pattern in which you're capitalizing the phrases.. But really, I just think you're doing it where you feel is needed, which is great in my eyes. :D I love the edge on which you've placed this one- kind of between fantasy, reality, and a dreamlike state.

I just... wow. I think an update like this, once in a while, is better than cranking out half-assed works. I can really tell you worked hard on this, and it shows. :)

'Silvery light to play across the features

of anyone watching

the twilight.' As a movie guru, I love this line. :D

I also like how you took a typical, overdone setting and made it beautiful. I mean, when someone scans over and picks up the overdone themes like 'twilight' and 'brilliant red', it really does feel like, 'Oh geez, another one of these...' But I love the direction in which you took this :D

Keep writing!

-Gobs ;)
8/19/2009 c1 165RandomUser674
Absolutely beautiful. Amazing descriptions. Great job!

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