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for Beyond the Silver Veil

10/2/2011 c1 GuessWho
Creepy name FTW?

I thought so.

This chapter had quite a variety of components! I liked the insight, and the mild foreshadowing within Morgana and Arthur's conversation. I was quite surprised by the tragic attack, and pleased with the flow. I like that you didn't delve into gory details, and instead just highlighted the main points. I appreciate that. XD

Reading this is making me wonder what the significance of the back story is! I didn't clue in until the end that these weren't to be the main characters. I'm glad there are more chapters, because I am certainly curious about what direction you are taking this in.

I didn't find the chapter rushed. Especially now knowing that it was a back story! The only part I would consider rushed was the very last paragraph, but it worked as you were mostly stating necessary facts.

You mentioned that you didn't really proof read this or anything? That's amazing. I envy your skills. There were no grammatical erros that stood out to me - I didn't notice any!

Looking forward to reading the rest. I'll try to leave a more intensive review for the next chapters. :)

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