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for I'm All Yours and Yours?

9/20/2015 c19 Guest
OMG OMG... Love love LOVE
12/10/2011 c18 witeaya
lovely read.

great character development even tho at times wrath was too complex for me to understand.

great plot and a sweet ending!

wish u will continue the sequel but its been sometime since u update so its just a wistful wish.
12/10/2011 c9 witeaya
ok, at this point i dont get what happened.

so, warth was free from the bind with the morose, is that right?

and she still will marry armaan?

i dont get what she meant by starting over.

12/10/2011 c4 witeaya
i first read this sooo long ago but this story is still one of the vampire stories that i remember the most.

there are many details of the story that ive forgotten but the general idea of it stays in my mind.

i particularly love the original ideas of ur vampires. especially the dynamic of their relationships.it showed the most here in this chapter.

the scene when wrath was beaten and viciously treated by his family was damn sad but their actions as appalling as they were showed how important family was to them.

and one thing for sure, that ungrateful greed!
11/2/2011 c19 FamishedNight
Awesome story!
10/15/2011 c19 anna
this is really good! i don't understand why your story doesn't have more reviews
3/23/2011 c18 bookworm6193
Aw! I love that last line. Great story!
7/26/2010 c2 ysa
I love the hallway scene! i'm so glad that you finished this story before i found it or else i probably would've pulled my hair out just waiting for the next chapter ;) i also love how you're very descriptive with your scenes. keep it up!
5/7/2010 c18 princess
this is a nice and unique vampire story. aren't you going to write a sequel for this one? because it deserves one! i love how you went your own way to recreate the characteristics of a vampire. i also love how the different clans/families each have a unique quality to them. this story deserves a sequel. one of the few vampire stories that i love. i will be rereading this again and again. kudos!
2/27/2010 c18 MaidInFrance
1/24/2010 c18 1readaholicxxx
oh goodness! I'm going to be honest that ending actually made me cry it was so sweet!
1/12/2010 c18 ane1
That was a truly amazing and refreshing romance story to read. You definitely are one amazing author for creating such a beautiful story like that :D
1/10/2010 c1 Lweven
I enjoyed this!

I like your ideas about vampires...but I find I'm a little confused by the Prowl family. Are they a different type of vampire? And what is Ember? She isn't a pureblood? There are general editing things that need fixed just some missing words here and there. I like how Armaan doesn't give Ember a good grade just because of their circumstances. :)
1/6/2010 c18 Chocorange888
This is a very original and heart wrenching story. The plot and the chracters were great, I really liked the way that you portrayed them, especially their emotional turmoils. However, there were a few grammar and spelling mistakes in the piece, so I urge you to edit it as it would make a big difference to the quality of it. Thank you very much.
12/28/2009 c18 xsweetxtartx
aww..how sweet ^_^

glad they ended up together ;]
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