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6/30/2014 c8 SD
Averie and Reid make for an interesting pair.
Averie's spunk is so refreshing ... Can't wait to see what else she discovers.
Looking forward to an update!
10/7/2011 c8 1Laurel Valentine
AWWWWWWWWWWWWW they fight like an old married couple it's so cute! Anyway I was wondering when you were going to finish this book it's really awesome
2/25/2010 c8 xol225
I love your stories, and I was wondering when your going to update the next chapter. It's been a long wait.
12/30/2009 c8 1Oblivion18
This whole freakin story is AWESOME! You need to hurry up! Cause I can't wait very long until the next chapter comes out! Please, oh please! Goodness, when you're done, you seriously need to publish this. It's AWESOME!
10/17/2009 c8 5CuriousContradiction
Intense description in the beginning! :)

That nurse was totally sick. Wow. I feel like Emily's not wacko though, even though Averie thinks so. She tried to help out, and she really had to just fake it all even if she hated going through that because the consequences would be worse.

And aw, the dog! I love puppies. And I liked this part:

I turned my gaze to Reid, giving him my biggest eyes and largest smile. He looked at me in shock, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Reid, how much do you love me?”

“Not that much. What do you want?”

Ouch. Rejected. Hahaha.

Just wondering, even though Reid's been living for thousands of years, does he still have the mentality of a teen?

Anyways, great chapter. Looking forward to the next one!
10/17/2009 c4 3AdamCLuttrell
OMG, is all i can say. This is a really good, interesting, and eye catching story. First off, it is funny as hell but then it turns into this mystery of what is going to happen next? Very well written and very good cliffhangers. You go dude!
10/14/2009 c8 19Asylle
I just love this story so far...it really is believable because Averie is scared and confused, so I can relate to her situation. I love how she stands up for herself, too, without being a total damsel in distress. And the way you described her grieving is so real, and I was amazed that you did that because I didn't think anyone else thought that way. I thought it was bad to try and forget, but I guess a lot of other people do that too, but just don't show it.

Although it was a little fast-paced, it kept me interested and I am eager for more of Averie (love that name) and Reid.

If u get the chance, pleez check out some of my stories!

Keep writing!
10/14/2009 c8 4jake Chan
Wow, you're one for cliffhangers yourself! I really like how you're creating such a real, impossible world. What's the deal with Emily? I thought she was a pretty cool character, just because she's deceptive. Man, that nurse is SICK! This an institution to learn right and wrong? The part with the dog is hilarious! They're both so stubborn. What an inevitable couple. :D

So, great chapter! CLIFFHANGER! Good work!
10/13/2009 c8 13Irish Eyes 63
Aw, that was priceless.

I am rereading this chapter over and over. Damn this was fine!

Reid is so confusing but what can ya do! Are they gonna get in trouble now becasue of the dog. Poor doggie. Reid is such a dickface for kickingit. I am biased against him now.

But it so funny. This story just makes my life. Just makes it 3that much funnier.

I am off to reread. And print my new story. Damn that was good...


10/13/2009 c7 Irish Eyes 63
Damn this was a good chapter. Nicely written and placed.

Reid is quite the interesting fellow. Sorry, my time is on limited but...

This is hilarious, she has this aura that says I don't care and fuck you all the time.

It is really a nice personality to have.

Really nice job, it was a kick ass chapter!

10/13/2009 c8 Don Silvernow
Great chapter...filler? Aw, poor puppy. I swear, Reid better take it or I will personally kick his Gifted ass...I'll never look at water the same way again...

10/10/2009 c7 5CuriousContradiction
A little shorter than usual, but as always, great chapter! For some reason, this dialogue was my favorite out of anything you've ever written. I like Averie's sense of humor. :)

And I like how you're creating this new sort of... universe with its own rules and laws. Very cool.

I know you're probably crazy busy with school and everything, so don't worry about trying to update immediately, but I hope you update soon. I feel like as a reader, I "know" that Averie and Reid are going to end up together, so that means that Reid's probably the person to trust (maybe I'm wrong about that), but it's interesting seeing Averie struggle to figure out who she can trust. I'm looking forward to finding out how that goes. :)
10/6/2009 c7 4jake Chan
Whoa, is that last sentence literal? Or is it just an analogy? If it were real, that'd be so nightmarish. So, I love the chapter, I love how the relationship between Reid and Averie has been more or less repaired. I think better of Reid now. He has a way of making Troy seem annoying. Maybe that's the point? Seriously, why was Troy so STUPID as to tell Avreie a secret when Reid told her right in front of him... honestly.

Anyway, this was well worth the wait! (but please update soon :D) Good work!
10/6/2009 c7 5Ryane Silvernow
Good chapter...There were three quotes that I just loved, and I can't resist the urge to rewrite them: Yeah, it kind of looks like something I could picture you in. Purple, very feminine. Now, if you only had bright pink skinny jeans…” and "Yes, I was six and I had great style. Imagine now, at seventeen, I’d be hot shit.” and finally...He seemed very protective of his little ball of mist, and I wasn’t even going to go there. Yep, so I can't wait for the next chapter...though the end of it kinda confused the hell out of me...Explain?

Your bestest buddy (yeah, couldn't resist),

9/14/2009 c6 4jake Chan
I stand by what I said in my last review! This is great! I love how so much is unknown, so there's always this suspense. The chair part is really well done. That's crazy, they have power to make someone stop moving. Man! Do they have power to make hearts freeze too? Wow, she's tall. The whole speech that the rod gives is good. It reinstates what she looks like and then some(blood type :p).

I expected something like airplane or caf food. Your choice of food is good, except there's no vegetables or fruit. It's all starch except the chicken.

Couldn't Troy just eat Averie's potatoes since he's already full of the drugs? Or why don't they just scrape the gravy off and flush it?

The ending is funny, and it reminds that Troy's been at this place for TEN years. No, I'm not amused, yes I am. Where has that slacker been? He'd better say that he'd been held captive in an underground dungeon!

This is another great chapter! And it never gets boring even though it's long. Good work!
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