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7/21/2004 c1 11Loriel
I know that feeling... It's a very nice poem. Aw, know I'm depressed...but still...maybe..once...?
12/4/2001 c1 2JARZ
Very nice. I like that idea, nice romantic poetry!
8/26/2001 c1 taioralover
Really, Clefster1, I think your idea of the same person being reincarnated several times in one's life is rather interesting...and original, I somehow believe in it! This is a wonderful poem...really wonderful. My poems are either too happy (for school), too depressing (for apocalypse_chan's and my manga), or too...well, too not good enough. I told you I didn't have talent. ANYWAY, back to the poem. It's not the most descriptive, but you can still imagine it all happening, because I certainly did! ^_^ -aska sama (Remember me? You haven't been on animenation in a while haven't you?)
6/11/2001 c1 someone
nice poem. you will find plenty of hands of those who are drowning in that waterfall that reach out and try to bring you down further. dont let them. i made the mistake of being one of them once, and it has haunted me.
5/27/2001 c1 Nexxus Vega
beautiful! er..somethin.. *walks off whistling*
5/9/2001 c1 Bishie no Miko1
I had no idea you were a romantic poet! ^_^ This was very, very good! Be sure to write something like this to your gf, she'll MELT! Oh, everyone, i know this person in RL! Kewl, huh? Hehheh, i'm privilaged and youuu're noooot! ^_~
5/7/2001 c1 the maker of the hat
Jack, that was a really sweet poem. I would make one of my usual crude comments or say something uneccesary concerning your love life, but this poem really made me think. It just got me thinking about everything. Thinking about everything made me think of all of this stuff thats been going on lately... i dont know if its worth it. anyways, ::tear:: this was really great. I'll talk to you soon, you know that you'll have to deal with my overwhelming problems sooner or later... sayo!
5/4/2001 c1 4Baccarat
one word- interesting...
5/2/2001 c1 Guest
is this for peach-chan? AWWWWW! ^_^ or maybe a brassy belle...

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