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for Thoughtless Original Ending

1/19/2013 c2 coppertop 1010
I have read your 2 books several times since I first discovered them 6 months ago. I knew there was another ending you had written but loved the story so much the way it was, I never bothered to read it. Now that I have I am very glad you changed the ending. Although this is a very final ending I don't feel the closure in it. Your writing has to much feeling and passion to let this brilliant story die like this.
1/16/2013 c2 3The Beauty of Lies
Man! I am so glad you ended your story the way you did! Oh, i am a huuuge fan of your work, btw, it's just that I used to download it and it never once occured to me to find it on fp. Silly me! But man i couldnt read through all that, some lines were far, far too painful. I read Thoughtless over a year ago, and to be homest I grew very attached to the characters. Usually, i'm a bit embarassed to say, character names [like people's names in my real life] seem to elude me as soon as i'm done with them, or anything associated to them. Your work is different, Conversion, Thoughtless, It's all Relative.. I couldnt stand to read that Keira had died. It's like not wanting to watch the news after something horrific has happened, or finding a friend's name in the local obituary section, it's too hard to do and while your curiosity demands it, it's gonna hurt like hell. Still, I always wondered if Thoughtless was really going to end up a tragic tale of wanting two things and getting neither. The amount of pain the characters go through isn't fair in this ending, but maybe realistic. : I wish you the best of luck with your writing, I swear if i lived in the US near a Barnes and Noble, i'd buy all your books. For now, i just have to send my regards from Mexico and hope someday, I move back and get to read from talented people like you. Now, i'm going to cry a bit, because seriously! Did I mention how sad this is? '
1/9/2013 c2 tkj001
WOW great ending, but I am SOOOOO happy that it didn't go this way...
12/13/2012 c2 Guest
11/27/2012 c2 Rebecca
OMG I am so glad you changed the ending this one is fantastic but it doesn't feel right. I cried my eyes out but I just can't see kellen with Jen I could see kellen killing himself though that would have been more dramatic. And as for Denny in jail no that is so wrong he is way to nice and perfect for that...
11/26/2012 c2 Guest
Thank You for keeping Keira Alive !
11/25/2012 c2 Guest
WOW! Great ending, but I'm so so happy you changed it! Kellan and Kiera deserved to end up together, and Efforteless is such a great and emotional story. Can't wait to see what Reckless has in store for us. Congratulations on your work, it's been a long time since a book has moved me so much as yours do!
11/18/2012 c2 Jamie
I am so so so so so so sooooooooo extremely happy the ending got changed. The original ending was lovely. This one gave me a bad taste. I really hope reckless has a good ending for kellan and kiera aswell. Because a bad ending to me (and alot of other fans) would destroy the entire trilogy
11/14/2012 c2 Juanita Torres
This absolutely broke my heart. I felt like such a sap getting misty eyed reading it. Thank you for creating a happier version because as dramatic as it sounds this would have haunted me and we never would have gotten to read the second book.
11/14/2012 c2 Dawn Mazzeo
I read the published end of thoughtless and then effortless and love the way the stories turned out!
I feel so much better knowing the love between Kellan and Keira was not "for nothing" and that Denny found someone who loved him like Keira loves Kellan!
11/14/2012 c2 Dawn Mazzeo
Although this is very poignant, it changes the whole story from being a true love story. As much as I love Jenny in this version, I really see Kellan being with her just to soothe himself and not because he ever really could love her.
11/12/2012 c1 Too much crying
Hi, I read many of the opinions people had on this novel and I did agree with some and just wanted to add my thoughts!

The story line was great as was the author's ability to capture intimate moments. She definitely allows the reader to feel and experience the events. However, I felt the novel had scenes that could have been shortened, Stephans pulled us along to the point I just wanted to know who Kiera chooses. Enough with the teasing and prolonged crying. By the way has any one counted how many times Kiera cried? I felt that every other sentence said, "a tear streamed down her cheek..."

Never the less, once you skim through much of the novel, you will enjoy it.
11/7/2012 c2 2Evangeline Vaughn
You won't believe how much I cried. Your writing is beautiful and sad and perfect. In my opinion (not having read the book yet), this is the ultimate and perfect ending.
11/6/2012 c2 jodie
omg ive cried my eyes out reading this chapter it was heart breaking im so glad you changed it and ive only just read this i loved the ending out of the book this 1 is lovely and heartbreaking at the same done for writing such a lovely tear jerking book :)
11/6/2012 c2 Laura
Oh my gosh! I cried my eyes out! I loved this ending almost as much as the one that made the final cut! Thank you for sharing!
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