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for Thoughtless Original Ending

9/24/2012 c1 lee.vt
Oh wow, this is brilliant
9/11/2012 c2 Mary
Wow, I am so glad it wasn't this ONE! I am trying to write this with tears in my eyes. I love Kellan and Kiera together...the passion they have, I think I would or went into depression with this one. All my friends can't wait for the next BOOK. Yes we are crazy women in LOVE with Kellan! and of course the passion he has for Kiera. wow, amazing and Beautiful!
9/10/2012 c2 Guest
So happy you changed the ending I cried enough reading this book this would of really upset me
9/6/2012 c2 Guest
I have to say that I am so glad that you changed the story. I wouldn't have been able to handle this one. Plue we wouldn't have the other ones to look forward to. THANK YOU
8/25/2012 c2 Guest
just finished reading the two books and came across this
im so glad you changed it to the happy ending
and hope they have a happy ending in your next book
dont think i could read it if i heard that there would,nt be one
8/23/2012 c2 Holly Rosenberg
Wow, such a sad ending! I am a HUGE fan of Thoughtless and Effortless and I am so glad you changed the ending!
8/6/2012 c2 patrina.mitchum
So sad!:( I'm sooooo happy you went with the ending in the book. So so happy!
8/3/2012 c2 Daphne
Okay...an entire boxs of tissues was used! I am still sobbing. Lovely ending but I am grateful you changed it. :-)
7/19/2012 c2 Guest
omg no way...so glad it didn't end like this!
6/29/2012 c2 daresa09
Oh my god , I'm do glad it didn't end like this in the book ! I like Jenny , but she was sooooooo not meant for Kellan .
6/22/2012 c2 2Twistedin2Delusions
This made me cry. I'm happy you changed the ending. I even had a clichè moment where a year fell on my phone as I was reading this. That was possibly the saddest ending ever.
6/6/2012 c2 B. Rocha
man this one had me doing the ugly cry! but I am SOOOO glad you decided to change it because now we get more of them and their story! I still think about Kellan... :)
3/30/2012 c2 yellowpoppies
ok... im a little late on this train. but i am so glad i am here now. after reading both thoughtless and effortless at least twice... i stubbled upon this original ending. needless to say... i balled my eyes out. it was so shakespeare. and kind of voyeristic. i am sure that everyone holds some curiosity about what would happen after after they die. and to be able to see it... yeesh! however... i had to convince myself that this original ending was a "what if." thank goodness she didn't die, but OMG... but what if she did? i love these characters. i feel like i know them. I can't thank you enough for introducing them to me. keep writing. just keep writing :)
9/18/2011 c2 Pumpkin.-.-.Kween
Yowza! That was... ... er... uh... twisted? Nah joking, it's pretty awesome and original and I love how you went to the dark side but whoa, that was hardcore. I'm glad you didn't stick to this ending but I'm thankful that you shared it with us none the less because I can appreciate the ending you choose to go with even more. I'm a girl, what can I say? Our lives can be twisted and dark a lot of the time so when we immerse our selves into these stories, it's nice to have the happy endings for a change since we so seldom have them in real life. These stories are our escape from reality. And in reality... although I was mentally screaming "You stupid B!*^#, choose Kellan!", in reality, I wouldn't have choosen Kellan. I know that hot and heavy wears off but loving and reliable stands the test of time. Plus with the thousands of girls Kellan had been with, ICK! He woulda had to straight up hit the clinic up for a STD test before I woulda went anywhere near that. Condoms are great, please use them kiddies, but even condoms aren't 100% reliable, plus most guys don't use them for BJ's and you could get herpes from that EW! But aaaaaah Kellan Kyle, I swoon. *Rests elbow on desk, perches chin in palm, stares off into nothingness and daydream of a man like Kellan Kyle (sans shady sexual past)* ... *sigh*
9/18/2011 c2 2Terri Day
While this was exceptionally written, as is all of your work... I'm eternally grateful it didn't end this way! This was just too damn sad, even though I know this is not the way it ended I still cried.
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