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for Thoughtless Original Ending

9/16/2011 c2 MrsTomlinson69
Oh jesus thank god this isnt the true ending x.x

I would have died if it was because right now im crying and my parents think im crazy and just bleh ;l
8/8/2011 c1 27Fckvwls
I know I already reviewed, but I have to add this:

When Jenny and Kellan got together I immediately thought, "What about Evan?" And while I was reading some other reviews, people were curious. I guess I was kinda dissappointed that you didn't fill in the blank for us. Still loved it. This original ending just blows my mind away. Oohh, another thing! Ghosts sometimes do things. Kiera was a ghost. So I don't see why she couldn't do anything. Say something, move something, write something, spill something, ANYTHING as a sign to let them know she was there. I had high hopes for Ghost-Kiera. Sorry.
8/8/2011 c2 Fckvwls
This is so sad. I never thought that this would be the Original Ending. I had to really think about it to finally catch on. In a way, it's perfect. I never did like happy endings. Well, it is happy. Sorta. Broken happy. Perfect.
7/25/2011 c2 hayleytibbs
I am too excited to be reading this again :D I am a gluten for punishment obviously :D

Hmm wonder how I will feel about reading it again now I am in love with 'Effortless' Hmmm we will see :) I will be interested to read what everyone else thinks about too

x Hayley x
7/24/2011 c1 fashion delirium
I read the alternate ending the first time I read Thoughtless. And now I read it again because I reread Thoughtless. (it just never gets old!)

Though I think the alternate ending is beautifully tragic, I do indeed hate it. I hope you're okay with me saying this. I think it's beautifully written, and I'm brought to tears each time I read it, but it's just not how it should end. I sound like a brat while saying this, but someone deserved a happy ending in this. Whether Kiera ended up with Denny or Kellan, I was going to beep happy with either one, but her to die? I think it's tragic, and dramatic to the point where it just breaks hearts. And I really can't see Kellan with Jenny... It freaks me out. Throughout Thoughtless, I've been convinced that Kellan and Kiera are soul mates... So for them to be with anyone is a boooo for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to add my ramblings...though they probably don't even make sense.

Cupid's Psyche, you write beautifully. Your stories are amazingly flawed and you have a great talent,p. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.
7/24/2011 c2 zenith0321
Wait..wait...wait you aren't writing Fractured are you? I mean it's something you were going to do but never finished right? Because as a fan who loves Kellan and Kiera I am hoping you write about their married life instead of continuing with Fractured.
7/24/2011 c3 MeltingPot

kellan? WHY? jenny? really?

tbh, I don’t think this version should’ve been posted again. i don’t understand why since you say that the one posted right now is superior and i agree. almost all authors play with several alternate endings before finally choosing the best one. there’s a reason why they don’t post the other endings. it takes away from the version of the story that they’ve chosen to stick to.

exactly what is happening here.

a story is the best version of itself when everything feels right, and the next part seems to be the inevitable result of the part before it. there is a sense of irreplaceable harmony.

by posting another version of thoughtless, you are saying yes it could have happened this way, but it also could have happened this way.

you are saying yes I ended it that way but the ending could just have easily been like this.

it takes away from the power and credibility of the story you’ve already chosen as the best version. it becomes just another option among many.

maybe you’re doing this for those who bitch out kiera and prefer the original, not as good version. i love how you appreciate your fans and consider their feedback but a line must be drawn.

the quality of your story shouldn’t be compromised just because of the wishes of some people. your loyalty should be to the story and to the making of the best version of it and not minding the complaints of some.

i’m hoping you’ll work on the third story or on another conversion story or on a completely new story instead of working on a mediocre version of a story you already have posted.

i don’t want to make you feel bad. i’m a still a huge fan. i just had to review. and I don’t usually review.

this feels like another pocahontas with the disappointing sequel. when john smith was canned for another dude I was like what? way to trivialize what john smith and pocahontas had in the first movie.

and what about evan?
7/24/2011 c3 CMTaylor
I loved this. It was odd, as I'm sure everyone has said, but it was eye opening and defnitely made me appreciate the real ending :) I always loved Jenny and wanted her to be happy too and I liked how she comforted Kellan and was there when he needed someone. Jenny was probably the 2nd best choice for Kellan but Kiera is #1 always and forever!

Glad you posted it. I thought I was missing out on something and I was right.

Seriously do you everything write a bad story? Uh, no! You are amazing and don't forget that. You have a gift and I'm definitely a little jealous :) Wish I could write half as good as you!
7/24/2011 c3 Bkimmer
It's so weird to read...but I do like it. It will definitely make me appreciate Thoughtless as it is and Effortless so much more. As much as I hate to admit it, Kellan and Jenny do make a good match...can't say that thought hadn't crossed my mind in Thoughtless. She seemed stronger and better able to handle Kellan...and his fame than Kiera did...until Kiera did her growing up in Effortless. I'm glad we get the opportunity to read this.
7/24/2011 c3 4littlegirlblood
Heya! Just realized that I didn't get to review the last few chapters of "Effortless." I think I'm postponing it because I have so many things I want to say and I don't know where to start. Haha. But I loved it. I love the two of them together. But you already know that. Which is why I'm so thankful you warned us against reading this if we don't want to imagine him with anybody else. I haven't read it. I was thinking about reading it regardless of my obvious Kellan/Kiera bias, since it is one of your stories, and I always enjoy your work. But I don't think I can or should. I feel like if I do, it will detract from or significantly lessen the satisfaction I get from Kellan and Kiera's story. Every time he says, "I love you, I can only ever love you, I'll always be missing you," I'll be thinking, "That's not true. You CAN love somebody else. You'll get over her." And that will, in effect, make their scenes and love less meaningful to me. Lol. I'm worse than Kiera, I know. I just want to imagine that they can't be like that with anybody else, that how they are now (the happiness they feel) is because they're with each other, and it couldn't have turned out any other way. If I read this, I might end up thinking that he never really needed Kiera's love or Kiera in particular, he just needed somebody, anybody to love him, and he would have eventually found what he was looking for somewhere else. That maybe if Jenny had been his roommate, the same thing would have happened.

But I guess I really have nothing to complain about because you did give us "Thoughtless" and "Effortless.":) Right now, I'm most excited about "Not a Chance." Can't wait for that to be updated!
7/24/2011 c3 4wakeyourdreamz
Oh, poo.

What about Evan?

Damn this alternate universe, damn it all to Hell and back!

Jenny? JENNY? Dead Keira. Gosh, I mean, I didn't like her bitching, whining and promiscuous ways but dang! I much prefer the real ending.

I would've liked to see some of the actual broken Kellan, as harsh as the sounds, I know it would only make me love him more.

And, why was Denny really angry? Was it because of the song? Or because he has Jenny and Denny assumes everything is perfect with him? I mean, for me, it seems like, because she jumped in the way of Denny to, ultimately, save Kellan, that shows how much she loved him(?) and so, Kellan should like, never be able to love any one else or never be able to get over it and maybe that's what Denny's angry about? Like, she killed herself for you and now you're with her best friend...?

I don't know, blah.

I much prefer the real one.

Onto book 3! Yes!
7/23/2011 c2 1DofD
I am so happy you changed it. This one would have left me in tears.
6/29/2011 c2 3wildyoungthings
glad you kept the happy ending. Augh. Love you.
6/25/2011 c2 Guest
That was way too weird.

Even if Kiera and Denny ended up together, it wouldn't have been fair to him. Even if she picked him over Kellan, it would have been a farce because everyday, she'd be cheating on Denny in her mind and in her heart.
6/5/2011 c1 Taciturne
It kind of pained me to relive the 'leaving' moment. I can see why it does feel right to leave the story as it is here. Although, if I were Kiera, I don't think I'd ever get over it. I'd be ghostin' it up. It's good to see the other side of things though. What if things had gone this awry? These situations just don't offer the same type of ending in real life, as much as one can hope.

I believe this was the first love triangle I've ever read. It's nice to see something challenging this idealistic outcome that a reader thinks comes at the end of most love stories, though. It reminds me that not all I read is fluff, sugar, and rainbows. Things can be sweetly tragic and inconsolable. That's how you know a true writer is out there, listening to the intentions of the characters in their head.

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