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for Thoughtless Original Ending

9/13/2009 c1 3Sweet Child

I probably wouldn't have reviewed this, if it hadn't been for your "bad bad dream" phrase.

Anyway, you're right. As much as I would have loved for Kellan to end up the lucky one, this ending is much worse. Denny has been totally hurt... and Kellan will perpetually have to live up to Denny.

Kiera is just so... "uh", as Anna would put it - but with a slightly nastier intonation.
9/8/2009 c1 Dearhardt
I've been trying to start reading Fracture and I couldn't do it. Maybe now that I know I can always go back to this ending I'll read it. I like this ending a lot better but I realize how the orginal ending fit the story better. *sigh* Happy endings are always better.
9/7/2009 c1 an Attic Light
okay so this ending was heartbreaking as well, but to be honest I like both and I feel both could fit very well. This one does however make me slightly happier to see kellan and kiera together.
8/31/2009 c1 7Your Execution
Ok i like this version better. Im still trying to read fracture but i loved kellan and keira too much. im halfway done with it (it took me about 2 weeks just to get that far, its hard for me to read it) and i want to finish it. i feel bad when i read it because i like kellan less in it. and i extremely dislike Jenny in it. i just keep going 'Omg what about keira' xD and for some reason i read it realy slowly. its annoying because its taking so long to read D:
8/31/2009 c1 1andyouthinkyouknowme
wow. thank you.

this is the ending i hoped for (and i guess other people did too). Thanks for being such a wonderful person/author to be willing to do this for us. and it wasn't all gooey and mushy and happily ever after. it stayed true to the characters. it was realistic (or as realistic as a piece of fiction can be). sadly i can't bring myself to read Fracture. i was not in a good place after Thoughtless' original ending and will take your suggestion and go with this ending. consider it a credit to your great ability to reach people and truly make them feel with your writing.

thanks again. still keeping an eye out for other stuff you write!
8/31/2009 c1 goneandgone
To the Kellan/Kiera lovers - you can always pretend that this is the real ending and everything else was just a bad, bad dream…

That is EXACTLY what I am going to do! :D
8/29/2009 c1 8Mynmsths
yes... i believe that the other thing was just a bad dream... or even that that was a pre-death experience and then she woke up in the albumlance alive... but yeah... great job yet again... i don't think i'll be reading the sequle and i don't mean it as anything against you more that i like the ending of this and i can't imagine having more of a complete fealing for this... great job...
8/29/2009 c1 1futurestar2009
This is my ending :)
8/29/2009 c1 h5412
This is how it should have gone, but no matter how much I wish it was a bad dream I can't get to other ending out of my head. There was waay to much damage that occurred in the original which could not possibly be eclipsed by this ending. Nice try though.
8/29/2009 c1 Sparkleyourfancy
In the actual story, I really wanted Kiera & Kellan to end up together but I can't really imagine this happening cuhs Ive just finished reading Fracture. So that ending is stuck in my mind. I would have liked this as the actual ending. But still, I loved Thoughtless, Fracture, & I'll probably read whatever you have coming next(:
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