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3/21/2010 c5 5SoUsay234
Writing poetry is easy?

Are you serious? 0.o
9/11/2009 c5 Shu Lacez
Okay, I take some issue with this. If you've only been writing a few days, then you have absolutely no place in making a guide to writing. You simply don't know enough. In fact, you might even be a terrific writer, but you don't have enough grasp of the concepts of writing without the experience. Your guide is fairly ignorant for a number of reasons. First of all, you're using Twilight as your example. I know, I know, it's popular and whatnot, but that book is definitely not exemplary writing by any means. I also take a huge issue with you stating that poetry is "pretty easy." That's garbage. Even the best poets will tell you that poetry is hard. There are so many people on this site trying to learn how to write, and your guide is breeding ignorance. I would highly recommend that you take this guide down and, if you're still writing in six months or so, come back and give it a read. Guaranteed you will be embarrassed. Your guide is not only a waste of time, but it's actually crippling writers who want to learn how to write properly. You can't pretend to know how to write when you've only been writing for a few days, and it's that simple.
9/9/2009 c5 4xrawritskalix
I love this little addition to the guide. I agree with everything that you said. These extra tips for sure will be used when I'm writing future stories. :)

9/6/2009 c4 8Jessiy
Interesting and good. I like the twilight idea haha. Thank you :) Jessiy x
9/5/2009 c4 4xrawritskalix
You did a really good job with this guide. I'll definitely use this to help me make my stories even better. You had some great tips that I most likely wouldn't have thought of by myself. Keep up the good work though!


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