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for A One Night Stand Turned Complicated

7/4/2010 c3 Radhika
I liked the idea of the story when I read the summary, but unfortunately the inordinate amount of grammatical mistakes detract way too much from the story.

I wish I could go through them individually but that is time I do not have nor want to spend on this task.

You really need a beta or read through the story better (aka out loud) before submitting it in.

I really think you have a great idea, you just need to work on the writing of it, badly.
7/4/2010 c17 HeyyyitsPickle
try and finish it first then delete it. i dont wanna be left hanging! haha i like the story so yeah :)
7/4/2010 c17 forgetmenotbutterfly
NO! Do NOT delete! It's so good! At least finish it please! I will be so mad at you if you don't ;D
7/3/2010 c17 1Julia Andes
I REFUSE TO ALLOW YOU TO DELETE THIS! I have been watching this for so long, and I cannot wait to see what happens!

So please don't kill my soul like that!
7/2/2010 c17 9Stahlut
You can't get rid of it after leaving it there, that would be just all kinds of cruel. I enjoy this story.
7/2/2010 c17 6xJadeRainx
Okay, I'm starting to think that something is seriously wrong with you. First you torture Camille's cat to death, then you give her nightmares, and THEN you make her attacker break into Jace's apartment, where she is utterly defenseless. I hope to God that Jace will get there in time to kick Alex's ass. Man, sometimes I hate you! Only, you know, not really.


7/2/2010 c17 3Medusa's.Protege
I hate you!
7/2/2010 c17 1Angel Dawn
I fear for the poor child i cannot predict what Alex might do next.

I like it
7/2/2010 c17 1codygirl9595
please finish the story. i love it :)
7/2/2010 c17 ebs12
mean cliffhangers mean quicker updates ;)
7/2/2010 c17 2ColieM88
OH no.. its not that bad at all! I wouldn't delelte it. I love this story! Just go back and rewrite the chapters and replace them one by one. I can't wait to see what happens next! How did Alex get in?
7/2/2010 c17 Sunshine101
Please don't delete it! Its really good! Don't do it! Please? Nice cliffy! Update sooner!
7/2/2010 c17 83Vintage Writer
DONT YOU DARE DELETE THIS STORY! O.O i will be watching u... wow that sounded creepy. but seriously dont! =) congrats on the school thing by the way =.) haha Dont keep me waiting too long! =^D really excited to read more! =D
7/1/2010 c3 ChrissyWill
Loving this story thus far keep up the good work :)
6/29/2010 c16 9Stahlut
Oh my god that was pretty damn intense! Can't wait for the next chapter.
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