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for A One Night Stand Turned Complicated

12/27/2010 c6 3Medusa's.Protege
I really like your story but I HATE Camille. She so... Her. She she didn't say ANYTHING to her sister when she was pissed and just said it's all my fault. She can't keep everything in forever!

Sorry, just fuming. :) don't be mad. :(
12/26/2010 c5 3cutepanda
Woah, they have amazing chemistry!

And you are awesome at writing down and showing that chemisty!~ *applauds*

Hope you had a Merry Christmas ^^

Alice is gonna completely freak... xD
12/26/2010 c5 17Lady of romance world88
Hi. Its beautiful chapter and I love it. :) Ah Alice drop in for visit. Thats so surprise. What's wrong with Alice and her attitude? :S I am so glad that Camilla can handle her and her attitude as well. :) Ah Alice invite Camilla and Chantelle with her to see Jace and his band tonight. Thats interesting. :) Ah Alice and Chantelle hate each other. I am wonder why? What happen between two young women to lead to be rival? :S Ah Camilla order the pizza for dinner. Yum! :D Ah Alice's vegetarian. How interesting. :) OMG Jace kiss Camillia and plan to have sex with her. Thats so bad. No wonder Camilla is piss off with Jace. Yay! Camilla slap Jace and Jace deserve it. Jace should not play with two sisters's feelings same time. Poor Camilla. :( I hope that Jace realises what he have done right now. Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D I am look forward to read the next chapters of your story. Don't stop writing. :D I am so enjoy read this story and I love it. Please update soon. :D Merry christmas and happy new year. Wish you have a great relaxing holiday. Be safe and well. Enjoy the christmas with your family and your friends. :) Take care. Have fun. *hugs* mwa xo.
12/26/2010 c5 cat10985
I LOVE IT! i can't wait to read more.. and ya i dont like the younger sister.. she is a pain.. update soon!
12/17/2010 c4 gee.thanks
I love the rewrite! Everything just seems to flow more and all the pieces fit even better.

Poor Jace...with Cynthia, geez..the dumb needs to get rid of her. update soon!
12/16/2010 c4 3cutepanda
TT TT What a terrible father D:

Heheh, can't wait for Jace and Camille's encounter again!

Thanks for update~
12/16/2010 c4 17Lady of romance world88
Hi. Its beautiful chapters. I really liked it. :) OMG Jace wants to sleep with Camilla but still want to date her young sis. But why? Why can't Jace stay faithful to his girlfriend? :S Ah Camilla and her mum are close. Thats wonderful relationship between a mother and a daughter. :) How come Camilla's father left her, Alice and their mum? :S I don't understand why Alice is so rude to Camilla when Camilla is watch out for her. :( Ah Camilla and Nelly are good friends. Thats great because Nelly'll be always there for her whenever Camilla need her. :) OMG Jace is getting marry to Cythia? But why? :S I want Tace to marry Camilla instead please. :( OMG He slept with Cythia. How interesting. Three women chasing him. I wonder who will win Jace's heart. :) What happen to Catherine? :S OMG Jace's mum have affair? How does that happen? No wonder Jace's father treat them like shit. :( I hope that Catherine will be back in the picture please. :) Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D Its great work and I like it. :) Don't stop writing. I want to know what happen next because it getting interesting. :) I enjoyed read this story. :)
12/15/2010 c2 Xmidnight.queenX
OMG! maybe that was his plan to get to her sister so he could get to her
12/15/2010 c2 Lady of romance world88
Hi. Its beautiful chapter and I love it. :) Ah Camilla knew that lead singer then end up with him. But he have a girlfriend then how come he never told Camilla the day they met? :S Interesting a love triangle. :) I am wonder why Jace kiss Camilla when he's date her sister? :S I am so curious what happen next. :D Jace sound so hot. :) Ah two sisters have hot for the lead singer. How interesting. :) Ah I wonder what it will happen when Alice discover that her boyfriend have a hot for Camilla? :( Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D Don't stop writing. I am so interesting in this story and wants to know what happen next. :D
12/14/2010 c2 3cutepanda
I'm hooked onto the story :3

Jace sounds irresistible!

There's going to be so much trouble from now on!

And her ex is an absolute bastard! :\

Awesome job ^^
12/14/2010 c2 3Medusa's.Protege
That's all you can say? You haven't updated since I was, like, born!

Ive missed this and I was patient and it was a REALLY good part and now you're starting over?

(Calm down, calm down) fine, I forgive you. You're lucky this time! :)
11/1/2010 c1 6Cryssean
Gr I liked this story
7/30/2010 c19 6xJadeRainx
NO! Hiatus? What? What is this? NO!

7/30/2010 c18 xJadeRainx
What a mix of emotions this chapter!

Oh dear... I believe I asked you if Alice and Jace were still technically dating, and you never answered me. And now I think I know. I see trouble ahead...

7/30/2010 c19 83Vintage Writer
Yay trust me i am rejoicing now! =D haha can't wait for updates and new chapters! XD this is going to be great! haha
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