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for How To Clean Your Room For Lazy People

5/24/2012 c1 8darkvampirefairy
haha i've read all chapters! this was pretty cool, would have helped me when i was (pat tense) really lazy...maybe i could show this to my sis! lol
9/11/2009 c6 4xrawritskalix
Great chapter once again. :) At least for those lazy people cleaning windowsills is a whole lot easier than the rest of the room. Or at least I hope that it would be. It'd be kind of sad if it was harder. Anyway, I can't wait for more. :)

9/11/2009 c5 xrawritskalix
And again, you posted a great chapter. :) I used to have a built in carpet at my old house but not anymore. I liked it, but sweeping's easier. This lazy person must be making good progress with their room by now I can't wait for windowsill day. :D

9/10/2009 c4 xrawritskalix
Good chapter! This would definitely be a nice and simple day 4 for lazy people. Who knows. Maybe a lazy person is reading this and will take your advice. It deserves to be used. I can't wait for you to finish this guide though. :)

9/10/2009 c4 8Jessiy
I like this :) It's well done and really funny. :) Jessiy x
9/9/2009 c3 4xrawritskalix
I like this guide, though I don't need it because I'm not lazy. This is an amusing guide but I bet it really would work for somebody who is truly lazy. Keep up the good work with all of your stories. I definitely love them. :D

9/9/2009 c3 6SevernFlows
Haha this should be published into a handbook, so that I can give a copy to every messy person I ever lived with throughout my life in student houses and whatnot. You've approached your target audience with the right language and tactics. Good job.

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