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for The Black Chronicles 365 Day Challenge

10/27/2009 c39 17Euphraini
O.O You actually spelt my penname right! And btw, when I said I liked 'The Caller', it was actually a poem from your chapter of The Black Chronicles that I liked xD
10/19/2009 c36 4I-R-Marie
HAHAHA. thats funny. I feel a little bad, cuz my mom has allergies too. Good luck and feel better man
10/19/2009 c35 I-R-Marie
nice. Its been awhile.
10/13/2009 c34 I-R-Marie
so. they are not realy super. Bo. jk
10/11/2009 c32 I-R-Marie
Zombies rock! :P EAt THEIR BRAINS
10/10/2009 c31 I-R-Marie
Weird, but I liked it.
10/9/2009 c30 I-R-Marie
i think someones going to get shot at. :P
10/8/2009 c28 I-R-Marie
10/6/2009 c27 I-R-Marie
ah, ghost. BOO! cool
10/5/2009 c26 I-R-Marie
for some reason I can imagine you actually doing this type of crap. tsk tsk tsk. :P
10/4/2009 c25 I-R-Marie
10/3/2009 c24 I-R-Marie
Is this one real or fake? it was pretty good.
10/2/2009 c23 I-R-Marie
Kick ass. that rocks. :P
10/1/2009 c22 I-R-Marie
I am a woman who gives birth to humans.

Am I considered to be a dark human, because I will give to the Darkness itself.

*clap clap*
9/30/2009 c21 I-R-Marie
wait, wait, wait. Ya im confuesed. so the more you die the better off you are..

also right now i dont hav the labtop. but i wanted to tell you that it was super funny wat i read on the OT. Funtabulous. :D you defended your story. you go boy.
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