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for The Prince and the servant boy

5/13/2013 c13 bob
AAAAAHHHH! this is so good, please update!
3/31/2011 c13 Renate
Love the story, hope you update soon. Keep up the good work!
2/15/2011 c13 violetdusk12
SO touching and kind and wonderful and heart-warming!
1/22/2011 c12 midnight41
gr! it stopped right when it was getting good! please update soon! ^.^
1/21/2011 c12 aday4evr
i am loving your story so far. I just wish i had found it at a later date so i wouln't have to wait through this unbearable cliffhanger :'( but i dont really regret finding it. I like your style of writing, its got just the right amount of everything in it :) please update asap I can't wait to find out what happens with edmund and robert and maria. (beautiful choice of names btw(i always think thats the hardest part; naming them))
1/21/2011 c12 3midnightwrighter
You and your cliffhangers! update soon!

-midnightwrighter :)
1/21/2011 c12 atarram
i love ur story keep up the good work
1/21/2011 c12 BetterLateThanNever
Please update soon. You can't leave us with a cliff hanger like that :P xx
1/14/2011 c11 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
its been so long since you last updted i thought you gave up on the story...:) i loved it and can't wait for more ;):)
1/9/2011 c11 3midnightwrighter
Good chapter update soon!

-midnightwrighter :)
3/12/2010 c10 1insidemymind334
Great chapter!
2/23/2010 c9 insidemymind334
Yay! Another chapter...really good..
2/22/2010 c9 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
o..please tell me that you will update soon..please i cant wait for the next chapter...i hate cliffhangers :P
12/26/2009 c8 5paputsza
I really like this and I can't wait to see what happens next. :D These people's lives have definite potential. I love the love.
12/22/2009 c8 1insidemymind334
Oohh...I wonder what Robert will react when he finds out. Yikes! Anyways, good chapter! You're not gonna update again until after Christmas? *faints* lol well, I guess its only a few days. Anyways, really liked it!
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