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4/8/2012 c20 Choukou
I know I am reading your latest conversion story, and that it is spoiling the first ones, but I didn't even realize it was a series until I looked back at your page :P still amazing, and I cannot say how many sleepless nights your writing has caused. I have less willpower when it comes to good reading than Teren when he was deathly thirsty.
4/2/2012 c19 4R. Ficst
loved it : )
1/24/2012 c2 3Melody'sInMyHead
Hey! I'm really enjoying this! Your writing skills are extraordinary! Yay! There is more after! :D
12/23/2011 c20 16mizgardenia21
YAY I'm so excited about this because this book is amazing and I loved it all three times that I read it ^^
11/13/2011 c20 LittleMissLeprechaun
This is an amazing story, and you have an awesome writing style! :)

Just one mistake I noticed. I forgot what chapter it was in, but the time when Emma started to want a baby, you said mother's strollers. Or something like that. I dunno, but the apostrophe was in the wrong place... :)
8/24/2011 c20 Arabea
I have to say - it's been damn near impossible for me to find a decent story on fictionpress lately. And when I do, I find the characters so lacking, or the plotline ridiculous and boring. So I just wanted to thank you for writing a fantastic story with fantastic characters - especially a leading lady that I don't hate. =) Great job, and I hope you don't stop writing! =)
7/19/2011 c20 Bumble Noodle Q-tipper
Amazing story... i totally loved it. One of the best stories I've read, and trust me I've read a lot..:) I love Emma and Teren's relationship, i wish vampires like him actually exist..:p Your writing is really good, you have a way of keeping your readers sucked in. If this got published i would totally buy it...:D
7/4/2011 c19 Mai ID
aww! a wonderful story! The ending brought tears to my eyes!
7/4/2011 c3 Mai ID
Awesome story so far! The way you portray vampires makes me wish they do exist! At least ones like Teren! :P

Very nice story that caught my attention immediately from chapter 1!
7/1/2011 c19 YOUNG-the wild. free. in love
Sooo I was missing K&K so I decided to read the Conversion trilogy for the FIRST TIME EVER...and I love it! It was great and I read the first two stories in one day and I didn't get up from my chair the entire day..not even for food and water. Lol. But now I have a problem..

I'm not sure who to daydream about..Kellan or Teren..hmmm..it's so hard to pick. haha.

One second I'm dreaming about K&K and the next thing I know I'm dreaming about Emma and Teren walking into Pete's bar...weird...

Love you stories and can't wait for more :)
5/25/2011 c1 2Soggiest.v2
Just a heads up for anyone who hasn’t read the story and is now reading this- I would stop because there will be spoilers.

Sometime around midnight last night (today. . .) I managed to finish “Conversion” and I did indeed read your authors note to see that it is now published online (congratulations!), but I love to leave reviews so here I go.

Right off the bat your first chapter was just a huge breath of fresh air, I almost wanted to kiss the screen when I read how fast you were getting into the stuff that counts. You didn’t have Emma waking up late, getting ready, rushing to get her drink and then bumping into Teren. It did seem a little cliché at first glance, but I stuck to it and was sucked in because of your amazing writing abilities.

Your ability to write in first person is mind-blowing, your characters have such outstanding depth it boggled my mind how many times I thought, “Wow, I do that too!” Emma and Teren could be passed as real people, and it was just the little things that they said or did which made me think this. I would give more specific examples but I’d been reading so fast that my mind is a little fuzzy. Emma was a very likeable character, she did a lot of very “human” things which can be good and bad, because ultimately that’s what you want, but humans can also do annoying things. With that being said, in a story you need those small aggravating traits so your character doesn’t end up being a cliché. My respect for Emma was sky high near the end and I was so incredibly happy with how she acted when they were kidnapped- she wasn’t a blubbering mess or extremely brave, she was just right. Teren was a great character too, I remember specifically when Emma wanted them to leave the place that they were camping at, and in the car he’d completely ignored her and asked Ben to go fishing instead- that was such a great scene because it was such a “guy” thing to do.

I loved your transitions into the sex scenes and how you didn’t painstakingly write every single moment. You gave us just the right amount of intimate interaction between the two, which ultimately made the relationship seem more real because, common, we need to read about some lovin’!

The ending was exactly what the story needed. After I read about Teren getting hit in the legs and then Emma getting hit the head I had this stupid grin on my face because I was so happy that something was happening. That can be seen as being bad, and I’ll touch more on that in a moment. I feel as though I may have been the only one who was happy that they couldn’t have a baby, and the way you explained Emma’s anguish when she was upset because she could never have a baby and wasn’t worried for Teren at that moment was amazingly perfect, so realistic. I generally don’t like stories where someone has a baby because the story starts to revolve around them, but I have not read that sequel yet and I’ll just have to wait and see about that. However the way you explained their sadness over it made me happy for them when they found out that she was pregnant.

These are some things that I wasn’t too fond of in the story. I think I see where you were going with it; you wanted it to mostly revolve around Teren and Emma’s relationship and their moments together before he died as if they were a normal couple, because after all he was only a little bit vampire. Yes there were complications- he was dying and they needed to hurry and make a baby, but there wasn’t a lot of build up to these moments. It became a little boring and I needed to take a break from reading it, which was why I was so overjoyed when they got kidnapped. I’m not saying that I didn’t like their interactions, because I did, but I feel as though there definitely should have been more build up.

In the end I enjoyed this story and after I finish this review I will definitely read the sequel. It makes me a little sad that you only have 160+ reviews, even though that is still a lot, I’ve tried to read other stories with many more reviews that don’t even compare. I believe that one day if you really tried you could get this story published as a book and I would most definitely buy it!

5/1/2011 c19 3sora kinomoto
I know I always say the same, but I loved it so much! I've never been such a big fan of vampires (I blame Buffy, I couldn't stand her so much XD) but this story was really sweet and loving! I really liked the end of the first book too, I'm glad they are having twins, it was really sad when she thought she wouldn't. Thanks so much for your wonderfull stories!
4/13/2011 c1 5christinaxxyo
This concept of a 'little bit of vampire' is new and really cool. I like the story a lot so far :)
4/5/2011 c20 black ennui
I went straight to this after It's All Relative, and I must say, I really enjoy your work! Now I'm off to Conversion Books II and I. Thanks for the great read! :D
3/31/2011 c20 Rose
A wonderfully well-written work that invites further rumination. The humorous edgy take you took with the story is refreshing and something I believe most vampire lovers would appreciate. While there is still ample room for character development and growth, the story itself is both light-hearted and emotionally-involving and promises an excellent read. Truly a gem amongst fanwork.

I would suggest perhaps some editing then trying to get this properly published by some niche publisher such as Luna or Imajinn.
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