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10/14/2009 c9 5charliej
Wow! That chapter ended on a hot note didn't it? Loved the bit of humor thrown in with the family overhearing her comments. Great job! Keep writing! Anxiously waiting for the next chapter!
10/14/2009 c9 1PeterMoore
what else is teren and his famil hiding from her?
10/10/2009 c8 1DreamsOfIreland
Aw! They're gonna have a baby! So cute. I think this was my favorite chapter yet. Emma was just so adorable with the whole; "my biological clock is ticking" thing! Loved it.

I also enjoyed the scene when Teren finally drinks her blood. Thank you for not doing the cliche neck. It almost made me laugh when you had him take it from her leg. It was just so different from the typical image of a vamp sucking their victim dry from their neck.

Actually your whole story is different from the usual cliche. I'm not a fan of vamp stories (as I think I've said before) but you've really given it some interesting twists here. I like the concept of half (and little bit!) vamps. Its intriguing. And the whole the vamp ranchers thing is really amusing.

And...I'm rambling. I'm actually just procrastinating. I have 5 (yes FIVE) huge papers due this week that I really should be working on right now...but...yeah. Moving right along...absolutely loved this chapter. Emma is just way too cute. Okay, I'm going to shut up now and go write those papers.
10/8/2009 c8 1PeterMoore
i hope she gets pregnant and i hope he doesn't "die" in a few months
10/8/2009 c8 3Queen Of Laughs
good chapter!

cant wait for more! glad they're trying for a baby!


post asap
10/8/2009 c8 5charliej
Oh, I was so excitd to see that you'd posted the next chapter. It was really good. Can't wait for more - keep writing!
10/3/2009 c7 1DreamsOfIreland
Ok so...two reviews in a row from me! :) I'm home for the weekend and catching up on reading. This chapter is so...hm...powerful. Yeah thats it. It packs a lot of emotion. Absolutely adore Ashley. (Alliteration much? ha!) And Teren going all protective on her was really cute!

Also super intense scene at the end. You write emotion very well. I could almost feel it coming off the page. (Teren's anger, Emma's guilt,...) Impressive.

As always, excited for more!
10/3/2009 c6 DreamsOfIreland
Aw! The make up! They're so cute.
10/3/2009 c7 5charliej
Great story so far. I'm realley enjoying your writing style - very real. Can't wait to see how this ends
10/2/2009 c7 3Queen Of Laughs
wow... and i thought her idea was to move into together...

:D good chapter! i like how ashley took the news.

cant wait for more

post asap
9/30/2009 c6 Queen Of Laughs
good chapter!

cant wait for more!


post asap!
9/25/2009 c5 1DreamsOfIreland
LOVE it! This chapter was great. This was by far one of the best lovers spat I've read in awhile. Normally I hate when the couple fights, but this was great. Emma went through all the proper emotions here: anger, grief, longing...

I also like your form here. The repetive thoughts add to the feeling of a dreary existence. When we're truly feeling down, we tend to dwell on the same thought over and over, just like Emma.

Great chapter. Very well written. I have to say, you're quickly becoming one of my fav authors on here and I'm a VERY picky reader. Totally hooked. Keep it coming!
9/24/2009 c5 3Queen Of Laughs
great chapter!

like the way it ended!

cant wait for more, post asap!
9/23/2009 c5 1MiseryLovedHer
this chapter was amazing (:
9/21/2009 c4 1DreamsOfIreland
WAIT...WHAT? So not expexting that one. Is he really going to die? I don't want him to die! I like him. Kill of Halina. I don't like her. She's scary. Well if I wasn't hooked before I sure am now. Hope you write more soon. :)
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