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9/20/2009 c4 xInkMusique
huh? No! Stupid cliffhanger! Update *rabid look* now!
9/20/2009 c4 3Queen Of Laughs
holy shit!

cliff hanger! cant wait till up post another chapter!

update asap!

9/20/2009 c4 1MiseryLovedHer
oh no! :( dead as in 'nonexistent, gone from the face of earth' dead

or dead as in 'living dead'?

and i know it'll probably be revealed in the next chapt

but what has it got to do with sleeping with her?
9/20/2009 c3 MiseryLovedHer
this is certainly different. in a really good way. cant wait to see how this progresses (:
9/19/2009 c3 3Queen Of Laughs

Really good story - awesome characters and plot!

:D cant wait for more!

post another chapter asap!
9/18/2009 c3 1DreamsOfIreland
Ok. So I'm not a huge fan of vampires, but this is cute. I thought I'd give it a try, since I enjoyed Thoughtless. Your writing style is very detailed, but not overly so. Also you portray your charaters as human. I know that sounds weird, but a lot of writers either don't give their characters flaws or withhold negative emotion from them. As in their characters life happy-go-lucky lives and never experience sadness or pain. It makes them unrelatable(is that a word?). Kudos for not doing this. I'll be adding this to my alert list. Looking forward to more. :)
9/13/2009 c2 xInkMusique
1st review! I like this story a lot. :) none of the cliched omg your a vampire, die! kinda thing. Well, it's kind of cliched, but your characters are rather unique :D I'm glad you post such long chapters, looking forward to an update!
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