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for The Dead Man's Tale

12/9/2013 c1 1Lily806
Haha, what a fine time for my internet to stop working. I could only send this post, but I can't do anything else for some reason. Please message me and I'll give you my email because I really like your story and would like to be in the contest
11/18/2013 c1 Guest
D: i just started reading this today i made it to chapter 12. WHY?! TT
8/1/2013 c20 hopelessromantic3
OMG! What an AMAZING story! I loved every second of it! The characters were amazing and so well developed! I hope that you are planning on a sequel for this book! Thank you so much for creating this story!
7/20/2013 c4 1LiexTruth
I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVVVEEEE PIRATES! I swear I watched pirates of the Caribbean over and over again. But anyhow, I LOVE THIS STORY!
7/20/2013 c2 1bookwurm247
He took an emerald. I wonder if she will notice?
7/20/2013 c1 bookwurm247
I'm assuming that that little girl is the main girl? I wonder when they will meet.
6/7/2013 c20 7KateMichelle54
I've ben reading a lot of your tories and I have to tell you that you have NEVER disappointed. There are such clever plot turns, and actual charecter depth, that all stories were a joy to read. You also are amazing at detailing the situation and scene, I can picture it!
You have a real gift and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all the stories I've read imensly(I have no idea how this word is spelled), and if you sent them to a publisher, you'd be on the top of all the lists.
Just FYI, the ones I've read are: Wanted By You, Stumble, Trainwreck, The Dead Man's Tale, and a fewothers that I can't remember the title to. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading like a stalker. Haha.
9/19/2012 c21 The-Alpis
awesome story
7/5/2012 c21 Guest
Thanks for the awesome story!
7/5/2012 c20 3dream-beautiful
The ending was rather anticlimactic, a bit dissapointing, but the Shakespearean conspiracy you incorporated was genius. I don't feel as if you really developed any of the characters besides Jake thoroughly, as I didn't really get a feel for Brooke or her relationships with the other characters. Nonetheless, a nice easy read that made me smile.
6/27/2012 c20 2Valentina Misas
Okay, first of all, this story is amazing. Second of all, tell me how during this whole chapter, The Way You Look Tonight by Maroon 5 came onto my iPod? I was fangirling way too hard, lemme just say. Anyways, I heavily enjoyed this story, and wish you many blessings on your way as your book becomes published! You can expect me to be browsing for your name at Barnes and Noble;)

Congrats and job well done!
1/10/2012 c20 kimmi0404
There are no words to describe how much i LOVE this story! =D
12/5/2011 c20 use.less.woman
You won me over in the prologue of this story. The moment he was branded I adored Jake Colt. I love his character! The story is well written. It has some similarities to Pirates of Car, but not really enough to make me even think of that. I love the Jack Sparrow and Orlando Bloom...but I honestly dont think they compare to Jake.

There were several times in the story that I was actually nervous for the characters. For instance my heart actually clinched when Heath died. Broke my little heart. I just knew Brooke and Jake were dead after that.

Anyways - easily in the top 3 fav story that you have written
11/27/2011 c20 KarmaHope
Loved it. Absolutely LOVED it. I cannot describe just how enthralled I was with your story. I realize this was done in 2009, but have you ever considered doing a sequel? I think that you could go somewhere with that.

Anyhow. I commend you for a job very, VERY well done!
10/24/2011 c20 8DorkExpress
I love your stories, but I do have to say her friends were rickle for betraying her and dropping her luke nothing! Mostly Fiona... that was shady! And it sucked that Jakes best mate died so soon... he was cool. Ha, canibals, serves then right!

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