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for Lying and Dying

9/22/2009 c1 Bari
Lord, I thank you for drawing close to Krystal. Please let her know how much she means to You not just in action but also in words. I ask that You please protect her family, her friends, and even her enemies from unwanted danger. I thank You for allowing Krystal to express her anger and frustration without fighting. I thank You for knowing what Krystal is really afraid of. I thank You for allowing Krystal the permission to share her heart of hearts. I thank you for allowing Krystal the permission to express her hurt and rejection to those closest to her. I thank You for allowing her to express disappointment to those who take advantage of her.

Thanks for sharing and keep writing. With God, all things are possible. Stay close to your family. Stay in school and choose your friends. Let your family members know how dangerous the world really is. Do not do anything to hurt yourself. You mean so much to Him and it is not His will for you to die. Give your heart to God and He will give His heart to you. All He wants from you is a very close relationship. Take Him to work with you. He is already in school with you.

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