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for Losing Myself in You

3/14/2010 c31 Court123
That was absolutely phenomenal story.

It left it at a place where I am satisfied with and would not mind if you did not make a sequel.

That was the best place you could have ended it.

It really was a amazing story.

You have alot of potential.

Keep going!
3/10/2010 c15 bridgette261
Just started reading your story today (I've been lucky to just stumble onto your stories. What a great happenstance!) Just wanted to let you know that I'm loving every second of it and the more I read LMIY, the more I sort of relate it to Beauty and the Beast. The scene at the end of this chapter is pretty analogous to when Belle takes care of Beast. Nicely done!
3/10/2010 c31 2zucole
Finally i have time to read your story. I've been fairly busy with exams coming up and all, which i cross my fingers i will do well. Yeah, call me a nerd or whatever.

Anyways, back to your story, I'm sorry, but i found that the story is kinda rushed at the end. When you introduced logan's brother in, I thought that something big or dramatic is going to happen, but he just appeared for 2 chapters.? And about Julianne, she sorta dissapeared in the middle and the next thing u know, she's banished. There are always lots of questions left unanswered, such as What will happen to bridgette's job? Did the other members of the clan accept her or do they feel the same way as Julianne? Why exactly did Logan's bro (sorry, cant remember his name) came back? And why did she suddenly accept him? U did built a rather long suspense at their lust-hate relationship. What will happen to Logan's clan? I thought the NC's catching them? Are they dealers or something?

Those are the questions that i wonder about after reading. Don't be discouraged though, U're a great writer and i'm sure that u can improve lots in the future. Sorry if i offended u in any way, but constructive critisisms will help u more than flattery right?
3/5/2010 c31 DA-chen1
Ouhh.. really romantic!

I like your end.. Bridgette is happy with Logan!

3/2/2010 c31 momo3069
Good story! A little rough around the edges sometimes
2/28/2010 c31 lionandthelamblove7
I loved this story!

I hate to see it come to an end, but I know it has to and I'm glad it ended in such a way that it brings tears to my eyes. It was an amazing ride and I am glad I picked this story to view. :)

Your reader,

2/24/2010 c31 ItalianQT
Great story. I enjoyed the flow of the story. It was a quick read for me. Good job :)
2/23/2010 c31 Vaelynne
if this were any cuter i'd have to puke. I loved the story, not normally into stockholm syndrome (JUST KIDDING!) but this was way sweet.
2/23/2010 c31 2worldreminiscence
OMG i love it, it's perfect, i love all in all, i mean, OVER ALL it was really awesome. THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY! it is my FAVOURITE! the ending was very nice, wasn't corny for them, i just really love it x] logan and bridgetter forever! woh x] but i'm sad that it's end T^T although all stories should have and end hehe ^^ i enjoyed this story so much :] ARGH i have so many things i want to say but it will take whole page of review and whole day for me @.@ so i'll just say it in one word: FANTASTIC!
2/23/2010 c30 worldreminiscence
wow! clive called bridgette and logan dogs DX how could he possibly think that wolves and dogs are same T^T they're still different creatures! idiot clive DX i don't like him.. grr... (anyway! great chapter, i love how bridgette was being honest now with her feelings)
2/21/2010 c28 worldreminiscence
no i hope bridgette is gonna be ok.. T^T this story isn't tragedy so i think..i don't have to be so afraid but-but-but... x[ i can't help myself but to worry for bridgette not now that both of them have become close to each other..! nu!definitely no, i'm praying... ^^ (although i could just jump out to the later chapters to see what would happen, i don't wanna do that, i want to read it normally as a reader would do).. :]
2/21/2010 c27 worldreminiscence
godness gracious! how could u Orson dare try doing that to logan's bridgette? nu! i should have been the one to kick him out! o Oh i'd love to! XD (sorry for overreacting ._.)
2/21/2010 c26 worldreminiscence
oh mi gosh! orson...PEEPED(or whatever its called)! ohh @.@ hahaha what a gut for a little brother logan has xD
2/21/2010 c25 worldreminiscence
kyaa~ they were so cute here hahaha especially logan lol XD bridgette threw a snow ball on his face xD i laughed at that, but more likely i was giggling all through way while reading the last half part of this chapter x] so cute and sweet haha :]
2/21/2010 c22 worldreminiscence
woaw woaw woaw! GO Logan!(couldn't resist on reviewing) XD hehe..or... maybe i should not just resist x]
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