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for Losing Myself in You

2/21/2010 c21 2worldreminiscence
Again, here i am x] i wanted to tell u Congratulations for having an award of this story! :D u absolutely deserve it! :] yey!^_^ and i absolutely love this story, so unique, u got the qualities of a guy and a girl i like in stories x] really, they're just perfect :] and the story itself really is enjoyable to read ^^
2/21/2010 c14 worldreminiscence
OMG! i've been reading this since chapter 1, i haven't reviewed, i'm sorry but i'm reading this really, very seriously cause it got me so interested! I LOVE IT and U'RE AWESOME! oh how i'd love to kick the hell out of that julianne though o she's... ONE..HYPOCRITE!(idk if i said the right thing but if i didn't, forgive me and my broken english) T^T ok now on to the next chap. :] i might review with the chapters that i wouldn't be able to resist from reviewing teehee x] (I LOVE VAMPIREs/WEREWOLVES/supernatural/fantasy romance stories!) XD
2/20/2010 c31 Catcher of the Lie
Nice story and sweet ending, but I feel it's a little incomplete. What does happen with Kendell? I mean does she remain a good friend, in the end does she support Bridgette or I don't know promise to visit her in her new home? What happens with NDS? Where do humans and werewolves stand now?What does being Logan's Queen entail? What's the job description? Needs a few details, but still good. =P
2/19/2010 c11 kekeizhere
The ending reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.
2/19/2010 c31 6Batman is exotic
Kind of a dissapointing end for such a hardcore story but i shouldn't complain at least you finished it and kept me entertained
2/19/2010 c31 3
lovve all your stories, especially this one. the ending was a perfect clincher: simple but meaningful all the same.

i was just wondering though... is kendall still a close friend of bridgette? it wasnt clear in the end as clive turned out not to be such a loyal friend
2/19/2010 c31 14Sapphyre Nymph
this was soo nice... though, i think Logan and Bridgette's relationship with some of the characters wasnt too developed..
2/18/2010 c31 Evanescence's Love
That was a sweet ending.
2/18/2010 c4 Grammar Police
When clive is talking about killing the werewolves, "bear hands" should be "bare hands"

LOVEING the story! So excited to continue reading! =]
2/17/2010 c31 pfannkucken
*happy dance*

that was so freakin good
2/17/2010 c31 xximinluvxx
Hey, is this based off of (at least a bit) Beauty and the Beast? Just wondering, cuz I kind of saw that thread in there. With the library, and the snow, and the random love-is-in-the-air momets ^-^
2/17/2010 c31 Jixnce
Hehe, such a sappy ending. :)
2/16/2010 c31 2akaCHEEKS
“Forever,” Logan murmured, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as he placed an intimate kiss on the top of her head.

“Forever,” Bridgette agreed, staring at their heart, their initials.

They would live together forever in the oak of that tree.

Usually these kinds of things turns out to be really cheesy. But you managed to describe it in a way where its not cheesy but more like a farewell to the readers. I can't explain it. But it has this simplicity to it. It's beautiful. I'm happy for them. Amazing job with this story.
2/16/2010 c31 4C.M.Ortega
Good story! But I felt like it ended so suddenly. I wanted to see more with Logan and Bridgette fighting the odds. Oh well, haha.
2/16/2010 c31 lanielucylou
really good story. a lot of stories on here have grammatical and spelling errors, but yours barely had any. i loved it. :)
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