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for Losing Myself in You

10/2/2009 c3 MarieAnn
Julianne is going to be a definite problem for Bridgette and Logan. I can't wait for the next chapters to see how Bridgette reacts to the mark and to read the interaction between Bridgette and Logan. He is definitely going to be very possessive of her. I just love to read your stories :-)
10/2/2009 c3 2Devilish Kisses
Lol, two story updates in a day! You're on a roll!
10/2/2009 c3 Evanescence's Love
honestly i can't think of anything to say...

I need to read a good book.
10/2/2009 c3 pbgurl
I'm excited to see what will happen when they do see eacother again and how. Whether she comes to him or he comes to her. ^_^

Thank you for clarifying about the werewolf bite! :)

I think this julianne girl could spell trouble for Logan and Bridgette in the future possibly...

-Liz :D
10/2/2009 c3 deletemyaccount2012
another great chapter. i just wish they were longer. hope you update soon!
9/28/2009 c2 MarloCarlo10
"Tizzy"...such an awesome word =D

I feel like this chapter was so much happening so quickly, but I trust that you'll make this VERY interesting and that even though this happened so fast...it'll be great =)

Dude I'm so glad you're doing a werewolf story!
9/28/2009 c2 Evanescence's Love

Are you going to incorporate the lycanthrope in your story?

I did that in the story i wrote a few months back...

Like some lycanthrope curse, or something like that...
9/28/2009 c2 16MadameLeQueen
(sigh) Logan seems so hot(:

Can't wait for the next update :D

it's good! (:
9/28/2009 c2 2Dark-Passion67
I like Logan's character!

I'm addicted to the story and it's only the second chapter.

I wonder what the NSD will say about Bridgette's mark...hmm

Can't wait for the next update:)
9/28/2009 c1 Dark-Passion67

New story and I love it already:)

Werewolves and vampires are my obession so I'm definitely am looking forward to reading this one.

The story sounds really good, and I like the description in this chapter!

On to the next chapter^_^
9/28/2009 c2 fuwafuwafuwari
Oh! I got goosebumps! That was so hot! I wish you would've elaborated a bit more but I guess this will satisfy my hunger for now. :P

Thanks for the quick update! :)
9/28/2009 c2 Alice Novak
woohoo! The mark!

I can't wait till the next chapter! Oh I wonder what's gona happen next!

Bridgette is such a cute character! So is Logan.

Logan is like this typical big bad confident alpha werewolf - and therefore, I LOVE HIM! hee

Keep updating!

Delineations . Alyona
9/27/2009 c2 7Sui Juris
I like it very much. Keep going, it seems very interesting.
9/27/2009 c2 NovelS
9/27/2009 c2 chng234
logan marked bridge! i thought it must be consential for bridge to be logan's soulmate
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