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for Losing Myself in You

9/23/2009 c1 Anne
Its been ages since a story has attracted me on FP.

And this story sure as hell has caught my attention.

Do update soon.

Oh when i was reading about Logan, Wolverine from the Xmen played by Hugh Jackman came to mind.
9/23/2009 c1 2Devilish Kisses
Yay! A new story!
9/23/2009 c1 deletemyaccount2012
Interesting. Hope you update soon.
9/23/2009 c1 11dreamercrys
Intriguing... Can't wait for more!
9/22/2009 c1 libertykill
O I'm intrigued.
9/22/2009 c1 6Chelle Mitchiter
Sounds pretty wicked, can't wait to read more.
9/22/2009 c1 xcrazyladyo
I'm intrigued... definately looking forward to future chapters.
9/22/2009 c1 1deceitful.dreams
Really looking forward to reading more chapters from you for this story.

I'm warning you though...

I have high expectations for a werewolf story from my favorite author !

9/22/2009 c1 pbgurl
YAY! You finally posted this! I was counting down the days to sept. 22nd! I was and am really excited over this story, mainly because I'm such a werewolf story fan!

Like the picture choice for Logan.

I can't wait till they actually meet!

-Liz :D
9/22/2009 c1 T34rSoFBLoOd
KYAH(: I've been waiting for you to upload this story LOL I like it so far :D
9/22/2009 c1 MarloCarlo10
Oh my gosh!

Super excitd!
9/22/2009 c1 2Believe-In-Faeries
one word ...kinda...lmao not the word waiit for it "x-men" lmao not the story the stories cool btw i mean logan wolverine and the sideburns thing with the hair idk just screams wolverine to me
9/22/2009 c1 chng234
an interesting chapter. i wonder how bridge intend to capture logan.
9/22/2009 c1 Stelle del Mare
Another great start to a new story. Also love that used Within Temptation lyrics, I love them.
9/22/2009 c1 MarieAnn
I've waited for the story to start since you announced you were writing it! I can't wait to read their first interaction! Great start :-)
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