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for Losing Myself in You

9/26/2010 c27 SometimesG
i like the way you write the love scenes - its hot, fast and furious... and now Bridgette is feeling the emotional connection to Logan.

i don't think she will make that decision to leave him now...
9/26/2010 c9 SometimesG
i really like the conflict between Bridgette and Logan, and i am interested to read the transformation of Bridgette to be "one" of Logan's kind. sometimes one takes for granted that we "belong" to a group of people...until we feel discriminated or different...
9/24/2010 c1 person
I love Within Temptation, so I knew that I would love this story from the begining! :D Barely, no one knows this band, so I was surprised to see it. I like Memories and Angels :)
9/10/2010 c31 hazeleyes14
This story was soo amazing i luved it!
8/20/2010 c15 1Candescence
This story seems very, very loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. I don't mean the whole magical stuff, but the pressure on him to marry her, she's a prisoner there, and other scenes like the one where she takes care of his wounds after he saves her from wolves are found in some parts of the story
8/19/2010 c31 4jaeeeee
this was a good read for me. i really loved the beauty and the beast references, it made it all the more enjoyable :)
7/29/2010 c11 witeaya
really like this story.

but what i found a bit irritating is that how can bridgette, a field agent was so damn ignorant about warewolves. she knew practically nothing about them. its just doesnt make sense.
7/26/2010 c17 Pseudonym59
Jeez, Bridgette said that she's only take a moment but they ended up doing the deed. Weird...
7/26/2010 c3 Pseudonym59
Usually I'm not up for supernatural stuff, but you're doing a good job. :)
7/16/2010 c31 Blue Sword
First off, let me say that you have a really interesting story.

However, you should consider reviewing a few major flaws in your plot, especially when it comes to the 'NDS'-thing. I rather felt your story would have been better without it...after all, they are quite a useless bunch- being caught twice during the raid to Logan's residence without so much as a fight. I have to admit that I was losing you after a while as your plot did not develop/thicken. You might also consider checking your character developments for Bridgette who first appears to be tougher and stronger, but ends up rather the opposite.

I am keeping my review summarized, and I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Well, these are just my two cents, and I hope you are not offended!

Great job, and keep writing :)
7/13/2010 c1 TotalEclipseOfTheHeart2114
I absolutely love all your ideas for stories but the fact that you always model your characters after celebrities and movie characters in real life (at least in the few stories I've read from you) makes it hard to read the story. I think you should try creating your own character next time, to make the story more original. All I can think about in this story is Wolverine and it's irking me. But besides that the storyline is great.
7/4/2010 c31 LilMizzA
...more love...lol i absolutely loved it
6/23/2010 c31 MK16
this was SO AWESOME

no joke :D

loved it

perfect romance, although i half expected to see clive duel logan to win bridge !

6/20/2010 c31 Crankygal
Hi this story is fabulous! Your an awesome write, keep it up:)
6/19/2010 c31 Sonyashinto
Alright i wanted to say that i enjoyed reading this story, but i need to say this. You need to fix the story up or add more to it cause you are missing information, scenes, or drama that should take place to make this story a awesome story.

For one thing i like how there was a organization NDS for the supernatural races. But that thing that stayed with me to the end was why was Logan suppose to be arrested? they said Logan was embezzling and changing ppl against their will, but Logan says that he didn't do any of that right then, and later you wrote in that Logan's clan hasn't changed one person, that they are a pure blooded clan. So i was curious to know who sent that warrant out on him. If so you could have had the leader of a vampire clan that made a human send out a warrant as you said several times within the story that the humans know that werewolves and vampires do exist. so it would have given the story a interesting twist if you included the vampires in the story's.

Also their was very little interaction with other characters of the story. The elders interacting with Bridgette could have been a interesting scene. I could picture Rizi having a gaze that was untrustworthy, and..well just glaring basically while her mate would all be clam and cheery.lol

A scene with Julienne maybe trying to kill her again or doing some more horrendous then her last stunt would have been interesting, especially as she claimed that she loved Logan and it should be her that should be queen, I would picture her putting up more of a struggle, like after Bridgette was relaxing in the tub and i can picture Julienne coming in the bathroom and trying to drown her, then Logan busting in from felling Bridgette panicking, and then banishes her from the pack instead of making her decide where it seemed to clean, cause if i was in her shoes i would be struggling, thinking that if he can't have me then no one will. this way of thinking can put some interesting drama and scene in where the viewer will be at the edge of their seat.

The two chapter with Logans brother didn't seem that it really needed to be there, but i did like the conflict where he was going to try and rape her, that was a interesting twist. But he didnt seem that important especially as he was brought in out of no where, there should have been more talk, more hype, like abigal talking about him, as most maids like to gossip. But the way that he left the story was to clean and to quick, Logan's bro should have been pissed, ravining mad,to the point that he would want to spill bridgettes blood for (his thinking) if she wasnt there none of it would happen, and her tainting the alpha bloodline where he is already stoked that he didn't get to be alpha of the pack cause he is the younger one. So he might think that if he gets rid of her not only will he save the alpha blood line but he can also claim his seat as alpha as he can still take a potential mate and make hiers (Juillenne can even be his mate, and her helping him she can be the queen of the pack, which seemed what she was trying to get to from Logan.), but if bridgette is gone Logan can't have hiers, as his life mate is gone, so he can't take another mate. it makes it a interesting conflict, but if this way happens then the young bro would need to die, for trying to commit this kind of act.

Now the last thing, at the end Clive comes to see Bridgette. I thought that he had to tell her something like someone was coming to kill them, or even he was sent there to kill them, as NDS would have sent more ppl to go after Logan. But durning the whole story it didn't seem that Clive was interested in her at all, so just bringing that up out of no where wasn't nessary, he also didnt get much of a role in the story out of her friends it seemed Kendall had more of a role and helped and cared about Bridgette. Thoughat the wedding Kendall wasn't mentioned at all.

I do like this story very much, it just needs to be fixed up and information, and scenes need to be added.

I'm looking forward to more of your stories.

Keep writing.

Ja-Ne =^_^=
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