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1/29/2015 c5 Muse
That's right, I'm being narcissistic and acting as if I was your muse for this story. ;) Do you realize the last time you updated this we had barely decided the date for the wedding? One Cub later...and I'm happier than ever that you decided to move away so we learned just how much I need you near, that you've returned to precisely where you were always meant to be, and that you've started writing again. I almost always feel that I can judge where you are in life by how much you're writing...and how late you stay up publishing it. I love this story and I love you.
2/21/2010 c4 Christy
I am in lust with this story, and the lust is turning to love... I really really hope you update this soon, because it's freaking amazing!

Keep up the great work!

I can't wait to read the next chapter...
12/11/2009 c4 1Ellkay
Great story, you're definitely a very addictive writer.
11/24/2009 c4 Never a puppy
While this story may not be to the same epic proportions of JtG...I gotta admit: I'm glad this one's mine when you go. Honestly, Ro, I absolutely LOVE it. It's simply...Perfect!

I mean, to anyone not involved with wedding planning, it's almost going a bit too far. However, for someone in the midst of it, this story is definitely a reality.

I love how honest and real the characters are. None are flat, or obvious sterio-types of a personality. (With the exception of the twins. But they're the twins.) Each have a very nice dimension to them. =)

P.S. Thanks for totally freaking me out for October 10th of next year (the decided date...YAY!). In case I didn't tell you, it's outside. If it rains...I'm blaming you...And making you write another story. LOVE YOU!
11/24/2009 c1 30Jainblu
lol, okay so i started reading this when you first posted it ut stopped about a quarter way in to this chapter because i got distracted, no dout y something shiny, can't remember exactlly what it was now.

Anyway, i'm going to be honest and lt yo know, that even the second time roiund, it was hard to get into this chapter at the beginning, i wish i could tell you why that was, but im not sure, it sort of lacked the pull factor i gue that i normally associate with so much of your work, anyway, as i read on i got reeled in so, whatever it is, it chould not be to hard to rectify. um ,yeah.

I liked the end by the way, the line , "it's always been you, always! MARRY me" is just to funny, and i feel like it should go in to a book of 'stupid/funny things said whilst drunk".

11/24/2009 c4 abmoreland
OH awesome, jail huh? Can't wait to find out why. I loved how they were cheering for them, and Adam scowling- love it!
11/24/2009 c4 13blurrylights
11/2/2009 c3 abmoreland
Cute! Love the entrance into the adjoining room and pool incident, LOL! Pete and Casper seriously need to do something to win their women back, pronto. The fighting doesn't seem to be working so maybe romance will do the trick. Looking forward to reading more soon. Did I mention I SO love reading this from a male's POV!
10/30/2009 c3 manda rose
i think i love this story, haha. can't wait til the next update!
10/30/2009 c3 Tu gato
Aww, how sad! Poor Caz. By the way, Ro, I totally love the fictional big bro; he's pretty freaking awesome. But he needs to end up with Delancey...like...NOW! Instantly. I'm going to die if they don't.

Oh, and the Petey thing, definitely cute. I love it!

p.s. Banana hammock? Eww! Totally icksome!
10/10/2009 c2 18Hazuki-chan
oh, that is v.good so far. can't wait for more :) update soon.

Hazuki x
10/9/2009 c2 K-Cat
Sorry that I never leave reviews like, "OMG, this was totally wicked! Pz Right more!" ...Ok, so I'm not sorry for actually using proper grammar, but for not admitting that the story is very well written. I love it Jons, really.

Concerning the author's note, you have absolutely no idea how much I want to say "This story is an abomination!" just so I can get you to write an additional tale. The reality is, it's making me smile.

Peter Wright:

1) I love you!

2) I should have known. Both names.

3) You're perfect.

4) I can't wait to see how you do this.

Finally, I adore the ending. Very cute. =)
10/9/2009 c2 abmoreland
I really like it, very cute and funny story. His personality is really great, he can be such an idiot but I love it. Can't wait to read more and find out what Delancey thinks about what happened.
10/9/2009 c2 Pop the Bubble
Haha, I'm glad you're having fun with this! Keep it up, because I love it (:
10/4/2009 c1 Hazuki-chan
yay i likes it. update soon pls, cos this is v.good. :)

Hazuki x
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